White Flash Pre Workout: Controlled Labs’ Best With Lions Mane and VASO6

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated September 10, 2019
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Controlled Labs White Flash

White Flash Is the Best We've Seen From CL

​​After being a little quiet over the last several years until recently, and out of nowhere, all of that changed as they are revamping a wide range of their supplements.

They are re-creating their lineup of supplements with fully disclosed and new ingredients that are showing promise.

One of those formulas is their new pre-workout, White Flash - and what a packed formula it has.

This is a pre workout​ that packs the latest nitric oxide booster, VASO6, agmatine and it doesn't forget about energy, focus and strength either.


​A combination of full disclosure labeling, effective ingredients that are generously dosed means huge pumps, increased strength, excellent energy and razor sharp focus.


​Fully loaded and disclosed formula while using unique ingredients.


​Decently priced for a well balanced pre workout.


​Easy to find.

We like

  • ​Full disclosure labeling - no prop blends
  • ​Generous dosing of effective ingredients
  • ​Great pump formula
  • ​Good energy & focus
  • ​Reasonable value but only 20 1-scoop servings

We Don't Like

  • ​The use of artificial flavoring and sweeteners

​Controlled Labs has been a go to supplement company for many people over the past decade or so as they have great stuff ranging from multi vitamins to complete amino acid supplements and pre workouts that deliver on focus and energy.

But they’ve been so quiet over the past few years that it has left people jumping to other pre workouts that are better formulated, clinically dosed and fully disclosed.

To be honest, Controlled Labs has not been able to compete - take a look at some of their older pre-workouts and you’ll see what we mean.

White Flood, for example, has a fully disclosed label but it’s dramatically underdosed, it just doesn’t measure up to the best of the newer formulas.

Why take double servings to try and jack up the dosages?

This is a strategy that most “budget” pre workouts take, so they seem cheaper when they jack up the servings but still require you to take double servings.

That’s not the case with White Flash as every scoop is packed to full dosages so you only have to take one scoop.

​White Flash Ingredients

white flash pre worout

​While this is mainly a pump pre-workout with some innovative ingredients like a huge 5 gram dose of pure citrulline and the cutting edge Vaso6, they have not neglected energy and focus with a solid 300 mg of caffeine and 500 mg of lion’s mane - not something you’ll see in that many pre-workouts….yet.

Now we do see this being the current trend for pre workout formulas, pump up some citrulline, caffeine and call it a pre workout.

But Controlled Labs has taken a unique approach by not only having caffeine and citrulline, but they’ve included lion's mane, Vaso6 and theobromine to create a unique nootropic and mind enhancing pre workout that’ll enhance pumps like no other.

Let’s check out the ingredients, since this is marketed as a pump-pre-workout, we’ll break it down by pump enhancers first:

​L-Citrulline (5g)

​White Flash is extremely well dosed with a huge 5 grams of pure citrulline.

Citrulline works by converting to arginine in the body, which in turn stimulates nitric oxide production.

One simple reason why arginine is no longer accepted as an effective nitric oxide booster - citrulline converts and absorbs much more efficiently.

This is generally considered to be the most effective nitric oxide enhancer available - but it isn’t even the star of the show in White Flash….which we’ll get to in a moment.

​Agmatine Sulfate (750mg)

​This is a pump enhancer that works a little differently than citrulline.

Instead of increasing the production of nitric oxide, it blocks the effects of an enzyme known as nitric oxide synthase.

This enzyme puts a limit on how much nitric oxide your body can produce.

By removing the limit, you effectively increase available nitric oxide for even greater pumps - isn’t that great?

You also want to remember that with a good pump complex, you’ll also experience increased nutrient and oxygen delivery to your working muscles - it’s a win-win all the way around!

​VASO-6 (300mg)

Charts like these typically overhype things, but VASO6 is the real deal.

​Earlier we mentioned 5g citrulline, but we may just have something even better.

This is a newer ingredient that’s not in too many N.O. supplements and pre workouts just yet, but that just might change sometime.

VASO6 is a patented green tea complex consisting of 6 different catechins, which, among other things, are the antioxidants green tea is known for.

They occur naturally in green tea and, interestingly enough, increase production of nitric oxide.

The available information suggests that VASO6 promotes very intense pumps, increases nutrient delivery and improves ATP production.

The bottom line is that this is an innovative, exciting patented ingredient that promises to work extremely well -  and Controlled Labs has it.

​Betaine Anhydrous (4g)

​White Flash is not messing around with tiny dosages!

Betaine is a up and coming ingredient that, as far as we’re concerned, should be in every pre-workout.

Betaine is seen by some as an alternative to creatine, but we see it as being synergistic with creatine, and the two combined in a pre-workout creates an explosive strength, power and endurance complex - and of course water based pumps - after all, creatine is the original cell volumizer!

Green Magnitude contains all the creatine you need for maximum volumnization…

​White Flash does not contain creatine (but you can get it at a great price and simply mix it in), it does, however, contain a monster 4 gram dose of betaine anhydrous.

Compare that to the typical clinical dosing of 2.5 grams!

Is this effective dosing or what?

The main reason betaine is in pre-workouts is for its strength and endurance benefits but it is considered to be an osmolyte, which means it helps transfer water between cells, this means at this dose you should some water based pumps, and this is one more reason to combine it with creatine.

The bottom line is that this is one of the most exciting ingredients to hit the market in recent years and White Flash has it - we told you they were serious!

​Energy And Focus

​Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg)

​What can be said about caffeine that hasn’t been said?

Of course, it’s the most popular energy compound on earth - especially in pre workouts​.

It does much more, as many of you know - it increases focus and alertness, it acts as a thermogenic as well as improves athletic performance.

If a pre-workout does not have a lot of exotic stims​, and you want good energy, you’d better hope it has a decent amount of caffeine!

White Flash contains 300 mg per serving, not bad but not the most we’ve seen in a pre-workout.

Heavy stim users may be a little disappointed, while people who prefer a little milder stimulant should be ok with a dose this size.

Gamer Up has caffeine and a whole bunch of nootropics for gaming and productivity.

​L-Theanine (100mg)

​Even though it’s not a stimulant, theanine works synergistically with caffeine, and smoothes out the effects, getting rid of the jitters and the dreaded “caffeine crash”.

Theanine actually promotes relaxation, and that’s why it’s complexed with caffeine, the mild relaxant effect offsets the harshness that can come with higher caffeine doses.

But you have to control the relaxant effect, so a good rule of thumb is a theanine to caffeine ratio of 1:3, which is exactly what’s in White Flash.

​L-Tyrosine (1.5g)

​When it comes to nootropics, pure tyrosine is considered superior to NALT (n-acetyl-l-tyrosine) even though both are common.

Not only does White Flash use the superior l-tyrosine, it’s extremely well  dosed at 1.5 grams. As a comparison, typical dosing is 500 mg to 1 gram.

Why is tyrosine important?

Its involved in neurotransmitter production, specifically epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine.

This means you will experience improved focus, more concentration (think mind-muscle connection) and an improved reaction to stress..

Brainwash is the perfect nootropic supplement for those looking to enhance focus for gaming or productivity​.

​Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder (500mg)

​White Flash is ahead of the curve with some of their ingredients, and this is one of them.

Lion’s mane is typically found in nootropic formulas​, it’s not that common to see it in a a pre-workout.

Lion’s mane is developing a solid reputation as an effective memory and recall enhancer.

At 500 mg, this is a little under-dosed, but it’s a dose that should still provide some great cognitive benefits.

This is one of those ingredients that tends to build up over time, with the effects becoming more noticable the more you use it.

Nootropics are the new rising supplement category, so if you’d like to explore the concept further, start with Controlled Labs nootropic, Orange BrainWash​, which is another category-busting product and  just happens to contain 500 mg of lion’s mane.

​Orange BrainWash contains the other half of lions mane if you want to get the full gram then check out this.

​With the two formulas, you’ve got 1 gram of lion’s mane, a much more serious dose, and a potent nootropic - what a great way to start the day!

​Theobromine (20mg)

​This is another stimulant that has similarities to caffeine but it’s much milder, although 20 mg is dramatically under-dosed (250 mg would be more like it), it may provide some mild stimulant effects.

As good as White Flash looks, we have to wonder why they bothered with such a small dose?

​AstraGin (50mg)

​AstraGin is a complex of panax notoginseng and astragalus, and is the patented amino acid, vitamin and mineral absorption enhancer that has become one of two absorption ingredients that are in most formulas currently on the market.

Of course, better absorption means more effective results, and that’s what we want, right?

​White Flash Flavors

​​While it’s nice to have super unique flavors, Controlled Labs has kept it simple by having 3 flavors:

  • ​Cherry Lime
  • ​Sour Green Apple
  • ​Strawberry Kiwi

​We love seeing how CL kept it real by having simple flavors as their consumers mainly want results, and tasty flavors is not a priority for them.

​White Flash: The Best Pre Workout from Controlled Labs

White Flash is worthy of a spinning bottle.

​White Flash represents what Controlled Labs is all about, innovation and evolution.

They've been in the supplement industry for more than ten years but only recently have brought a pre workout that just might outdo the competition.

This, in fact, is the best pre workout we've seen from Controlled Labs, with packed ingredients for pumps, focus and strength in every 15 gram scoop.

So is White Flash the one for you?

While this won't hit you hard like a exotic pre workout would, it'll definitely increase strength and endurance.

This solid formula contains everything from VASO6, Lion's Mane, White Flash is upping their pre workout game better than we've ever seen.

It is a reliable pre workout you can take without the hassle of a dredded crash or jitters that other pre's may bring.

Controlled Labs Sets The Bar High With White Flash!

​Finally, Controlled Labs has made the best pre-workouts we’ve seen from them, ever.

Not only is White Flash a unique pre workout, they are breaking the mould of the typical pre-workout - it could not be any better without increasing the price.

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