4 Best Turkesterone Supplements For 2022

by Nader Qudimat
Updated May 1, 2022

Turkesterone has been trending over the past few months.

And for good reasons too.

People report massive gains from taking this hormonal plant based steroid.

Turkesterone belongs to a group of plant steroids called ecdysteroids.

But since they don't bind to androgen receptors, it's an attractive natural muscle builder. 

However, good supplement companies that sell this usually don't have any in stock.

You can get the best alternative, Ecdysterone, which is nearly the exact same thing but with more research to back it up.

Here, you'll see the best turkesterone supplements and why they are basically legal but natural steroids.

Turkesterone by Dark Labs

Dark Labs has come up with an affordable option for an natural anabolic.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Ecdysterone by Huge Nutrition

Ecdysterone is a natural anabolic supplement that's found in spinach, quinoa, mushrooms, and asparagus.

It supports strength and muscle gains.

Huge Supplements has made ecdysterone bonded with cyclodextrin to maximize bioavailability.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

When it comes to supplements, it's not easy finding stuff that works.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on supplements and not see much.

Or you could spend less than $100 and make more progress in half the time.

Turkesterone is a promising natural muscle builder.

But it's one of those supplements that are hard to find and if you find it, it may be either short in stock, overpriced or fake.

And even if you find a good source, it's rarely in stock.

So is it worth it and what's the best alternative?

Luckily there are more companies releasing turkesterone these days, some of them are highly reputable.

You'll find out below…

What is Turkesterone?

When it comes to supplements, it's not easy finding stuff that works.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on supplements and not see much.

Or you could spend less than $100 and make more progress in half the time.

Turkesterone is a promising natural muscle builder.

But it's one of those supplements that are hard to find and if you find it, it may be either short in stock, overpriced or fake.

And even if you find a good source, it's rarely in stock.

So is it worth it and what's the best alternative?

You'll find out below…

Benefits of Turkesterone

Since Turkesterone is a ecdysteroid and it's naturally found in plants, it appeals as an anabolic supplement.

Not only is it natural but it can increase lean mass gains without changing hormone levels. 

Because it doesn't affect hormone levels, it doesn't have the common side effects of prohormones and steroids. 

Although it functions in a similar way, it doesn't bind to androgen receptors. 

By optimizing the mRNA translation process (6) and enhancing leucine uptake in the muscles (7) , it can increase muscle repair and growth by enhancing muscle protein synthesis. 

By increasing muscle protein synthesis, it'll a positive effect on nitrogen balance, which can prevent the breakdown of muscle (8). 

Some science also shows that turkesterone can enhance muscle ATP production (9), which will help produce more muscular energy and reduce fatigue during exercise. 

Turkesterone also functions as a adaptogenic, which means it can enhance mental health, and reduce anxiety.

Since it doesn't change hormone levels, or affect anything in the body that makes it stop functioning normally, turkesterone doesn't require PCT (post cycle therapy).

Turkesterone Side Effects

Turkesterone doesn't directly change anything in terms of hormones and such. 

But because it's a natural compound, and it's strong properties, it can optimize hormone levels and help optimize immune function. 

The entire family of ecdysteroids has benefits for strengthening the body and mind, from lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar. 

There's even some promising research on turkesterone being neuroprotective by enhancing neurotransmitter activity (10). 

And because it can cause nausea, it's recommended to take turkesterone with a meal or some food. 

How to Use Turkesterone

Turkesterone should be taken for at least 4 weeks to see benefits.

Most people will run this for 8 weeks as this is a optimal run time for this type of supplement.

It can be taken up to 12 weeks and since it doesn't suppress hormones, it doesn't require PCT. 

The dosage for turkesterone is 500mg per day, and it's best used when it's combined with cyclodextrin, which is what Gorilla Minds use in their supplement. 

Because of the rising demand of Turkesterone, it gets easier to buy a low quality source of it. 

We recommend only buying from Gorilla Mind but because they rarely have it in stock, we recommend going for Ecdysterone instead. 

Best Turkesterone Supplements


Turkesterone by Dark Labs


500mg Turkesterone (standardized to 10% turkesterone) 

When it comes to supplements that work, Dark Labs is the last to fail us. 

From their DMAA and DMHA hybrid pre workouts, to their muscle building supplements, they have quite a line up of supplements that are made for the dedicated lifters.

For the natty's, you'll probably appreciate their natural anabolics. 

Turkesterone  by Dark Labs contains a minimum of 10% in a 500mg serving, meaning you get 50mg Turkesterone per serving. 

There's no doubt that this is one of the highest quality turkesterone products that you can get since it is by Dark Labs and they have yet release a low quality product. 

Since they are made in Poland, they are hard to find in the States, but otherwise, this might be a good thing since you don't have to worry about their products being forcibly removed by health organizations. 

Use discount code FITFREK.

Made by a reputable company
Standardizered to 10% turkesterone
Fairly priced
Stock only comes from Poland

Chemical TE by Chaos and Pain


1000mg Turkesterone (standardized to 10% turkesterone), 100mg Epicatechin, 5mg Bioperine

The folks over at Chaos and Pain know how to do one thing and they do it well...

They know how to make hardcore supplements. 

Chemical TE is a packed turkesterone formula, with not only turk, but also 100mg epicatechin. 

Epicatechin is a anabolic compound that'll help increase muscle size. 

And with 1g turkesterone, this is one of the supplements with this big of a dosage. 

Turkesterone is known to increase strength and muscle size, through it's natural anabolic properties. 

Unlike prohormones though, this doesn't require PCT and there are no side effects. 

You'll still be natty if you take this although you'll definitely experience some nice gains from Chemical TE.

Use discount code FITFREK.

Made by a hardcore company
1g turkestereone that's standardizered to 10% turkesterone
With epicatechin

Monster Plexx by Innovative Labs


Epiandrosterone, androstenolone (Patented 1 and 4-androsten-3β-ol-17-one (1 and 4-DHEA), 4-androsterone, 1 androsterone, Diosterol® Brand Dioscorea Nipponica Makino 50-67:1, Turkesterone, 5-Methyl-7-Methoxyisoflavone and Pine Pollen 100:1 Extract

Okay this is not so much only turkesterone. 

In fact, it's a anabolic blend of prohormones, and turkesterone. 

It even has Laxogenin, which are the same ingredients that the popular Sapogenix uses (Diosterol®).

This is Monster Plexx, it's basically the best of both worlds. 

But the prohormones in here are not so harsh, they likely won't need a PCT but you can take one to be safe. 

Using a multi vitamin and something like Defend by Huge Supplements will be good insurance. 

Monster Plexx uses a big blend of anabolics, with turkesterone, a few different forms of DHEA and more. 

It also has methoxyisoflavone to help with protein synthesis, decrease cortisol and it supports recovery.  

It's rated highly on our prohormone rankings page and for good reason too, it's a monster blend of anabolics, from both natural anabolics and prohormones.

Check it out here and use discount code FITFREK

Combines natural anabolics with prohormones
Great for muscle gains
Strongest turkesterone blend (but not natty)
Proprietary blends

Turkesterone by Gorilla Mind


500mg Turkesterone (standardized to 10% turkesterone), complexed with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin

When it comes to Turkesterone, everyone has heard of Gorilla Mind.

They are one of the most popular sources for this ecdysteroid. 

The reason for this is because it simply seems to work for most people and it's been on the market for years now. 

And Derek from More Plates More Dates sparked interest for Turkesterone, thanks to his YouTube video back in late 2020. 

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone uses complexed turkesterone, meaning it's bonded with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin.

When it comes to absorption, cyclodextrin has been shown to enhance absorption by 100 times for Ecdysterone.

This just means it's nice to have for Turkesterone but there are no studies that can help us fully understand the bioavailability for it.

With 60 servings, you're paying a little under $1 per serving, making it a nice natural anabolic to use. 

Complexed Turkesterone with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin 
Standardizered to 10% turkesterone
Highly reputable company
Sometimes it goes out of stock for months

Ecdysterone vs Turkesterone

If turkesterone was easily obtainable, then it would be easy to recommend it.

Companies seem struggle to keep up with demand, like the good folks at Gorilla Mind, we recommend going for Ecdysterone instead.

It's just as good and some people respond to Ecdysterone better than Turkesterone.

Luckily there are more and more companies releasing turkesterone, and a lot of them are reputable as you'll see in the list above.

The Best Stack for Muscle Building

Both Ecdysterone and turkesterone on their own are amazing.

But imagine combining it with other strong anabolics like laxogenin and epicatechin makes it even better. 

The most potent stack is the Sapogenix and Ecdysterone taken together.

Sapogenix is a Laxogenin based blend but it's far more superior since it takes advantage of other compounds.

Turkesterone: The Natural Steroid

Turkesterone is one of the most anabolic plant based steroid that not only helps with muscle and strength, but it can potentially benefit the mind as well.

While it's true Ecdysterone has more research behind it, Turkesterone is still worth a try because of the anecdotal reports and reviews behind it.

And it isn't banned in professional sports as of yet, but this could change without notice so check with your organization if either of these are on the list of banned substances. 

by Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulks it up into this site.

Having to be stuck as a 110lb skinny guy in the early days, he has had no choice but to keep improving himself until he cannot.

Click here to check out his 12 year transformation: Natural 12 Year Transformation

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