The Secret of Hunger inside a Bodybuilder

By Nader Qudimat / Aug 13, 2014

My hunger for Power


My Journey for Power

That's what I wanted to be.

I was the kind of guy who would be the lightweight of the pack. I had friends, tons of them. All of them seemed to be stronger and bigger than me. I had to go from being skinny to muscular, and it wasn't because I was bullied. But when I had to stand my ground, it would be obvious of how fragile I was.

This made me wonder what it was that made me so weak.

My attitude was that of a lion. I was hungry for power and respect, I needed to eat and get to the top of the hill. I needed to pack muscle, get stronger and become something that would be feared and envied of.

But I couldn't do it if I appeared to be a figure of sticks and twigs.

I figured the ONLY way to build my body was by lifting weights. With no idea of what I was doing, I just had the vision and I wanted it badly.

I wouldn't be able to sleep, because I was so excited of what I was going to become. I was ready, and motivated. But motivation wasn't what kept me going, it was the NEED to thrive. I needed to do it or I was going to suffer further.

In my mind I had the vision of the physique that Arnold had in his prime. But I didn't know what my plan was exactly.

Like most gym noobs, I focused on my arms and chest. I would do some raises for my shoulders, some presses for the chest and of course, the famous bicep curls.

I made some incredible mistakes along the journey but I learned.

If I knew what I know now to go from skinny to muscular, then I would have easily packed some hard muscle in half the time easily. It's not easy but it can be done.

No one should ever give up.

Finding what works for YOU is the key.

It's easy to find a bunch of skinny people who want to be that muscular dude that they dream of. But it's not easy to find those who want to take the first step into the journey.


I know now what supplements to use. I spent hundreds, possibly thousands on supplements that promised nothing but crazy ridiculous claims that fooled hundreds, including me.

I'm tired of false promises. The frustration has only fueled my rage. The secrets of gaining mass has been hidden for too long, and the trends are only making it worse.

I'll help you find your purpose, unlock your beast from within, and feel the power that will unleash the muscle gains you're meant to have.

You've taken the first step, and I congratulate you for making it this far.

I will teach you how you can get from how I got from skinny to muscular.

Are you ready to be the best you can be?

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