RedCon1 Total War Pre Workout: 6 Stimulants Packed Into Every 14 Gram Serving (DMHA, Eria Jarensis, and More…)

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Dec 17, 2020

Review of: Total War

Purpose: Pre Workout For Motivation And Drive


The ingredients are all strategically put together to increase mood, motivation and energy without feeling overly stimmed.


Has everything a pre workout should from citrulline malate, agmatine to strong stimulants like DHMA and alpha-yohimbine.


Not bad.


Available everywhere.

We like

  • Increase drive and performance
  • Increases mood and euphoria for a fairly lengthy time
  • Combines DMHA and Eria Jarensis, with a couple of other stims for long lasting energy and eurphoria
  • Full gram of agmatine and 6 grams of citrulline malate for pumps and endurance
  • Can be stacked with Big Noise (nootropic nitric oxide supp)

We Don't Like

  • Price is a little high
  • More stims than ergnomics


​Pre-Jym, Pre-Kaged, Altius…​

And now RedCon1 Total War.​

This is truly a battle between the muscle builders and these pre workouts are as solid as their transparent labels.​

Now, the only pre workout we haven’t placed in our top 10 list is Redcon1 Total War but it sure should at some point…​

Total War is a completely transparent label that brings a monster of a formula into one good looking container.​

Every serving is suppose to get you amped up, ready for war and prepared for the battles against the cold steel iron.

RedCon1 and their CEO Aaron Singerman has made this pre workout into something that brings out your inner beast.​

total war pre workout

The ingredients will allow you to workout harder, longer and most of all, motivated to do better than ever.​

All of this sounds great right?

You might be thinking “Oh another one of those?”.​

But really, this might just stand out against all other fully dosed pre workouts…

You’ll find out soon enough….​

Total War Ingredients


​Now like most fully dosed pre workouts, Total War has the basics for performance enhancements like citrulline malate, beta alanine, agmatine and taurine.

It wouldn’t complete without at least 2 of those mentioned above right?​

Now the good stuff and what makes this stand out over the other pre workouts is the stimulant blend in here.​

Not only is there Eria Jarensis’s compound for mood support and energy (N-phenthyl Dimethylamine Citrate), but there’s also 2-amino, a moderate dose of caffeine (250mg), alpha-yohimbine, higenamine HCL and theobromine for further mood benefits.​

As soon as you gulp down Total War, your heart will beat a little faster, your alertness will shoot up the roof and you’ll probably fight against each set without the slightest sign of fatigue (careful if you’re going to failure on squats or bench!).​


The only difference between Total War and say Pre-Kaged / Pre-Jym / Altius is that it has a nice balance of stimulants for better energy and mood.​

Pre-Kaged and Pre-Jym may hold the advantage for fasted workouts since it has BCAA’s but you should be getting enough from your protein intake anyway.​

The closest comparison and alternative would most likely be DVST8 White Cut since it also has DMHA and a good balance of ergogenic aids and stims.​

Total War does have more servings if you’re looking to save money.

But anyway let’s get back to the ingredients and find out what each does….​

Citrulline Malate

There’s no better ingredient that enhances performance and endurance like citrulline malate.

This is a much more bioavailable form and a stronger nitric oxide booster than arginine.

​With increased nitric oxide levels, you’ll be able to pump out more reps with the same weight, have increased vasodilation and have intense long lasting pumps.


Citrulline Malate also allows for better nutrient delivery and allows for muscles to perform at peak levels because of it’s ability to increase ATP production.

What this powerful N.O. also does is that it increases recovery so you feel less sore and be able to train efficiently and more frequently.

It also gets better with each use…

What a great way to start a formula eh?​

Beta Alanine (3.2g)

You know that tingly feeling you get after you drink your pre-workout?

Well be prepared because you will either love or hate this…​


With 3.2g of beta alanine, you’re getting a full days dose of a very powerful muscle building ingredient that’s been proven many times to work.

If you don’t tingle with this then that isn’t a bad sign either as you may just be used to it.

But what B.A. does, is that it binds to histidine to form carnosine, an intercellular buffer.

This helps delay the lactic acid build up that occurs from performing multiple reps.

So by doing this, you’ll get less of a burning sensation and be able to put in more work in the same or less time.

It gets better with each use as your strength, endurance and power will increase.

In comparison to Pre-Kaged and Pre-Jym, both of those do not have anywhere close to 3 grams of beta alanine.​

So if you’re not used to this…. Get ready!​

Agmatine (1g)

Now this formula started off with citrulline malate, a powerful nitric oxide booster, but it didn’t end there.

There’s a full gram of agmatine to further benefit pumps and even mood.

Agmatine prevents the breakdown of arginine, so your nitric oxide levels will remain high for a longer period of time.

Beta Alanine

You have citrulline to increase N.O. levels, but agmatine here will prevent those levels from coming back down.

So what does that mean for you?

It means at the full gram dose (instead of the average 500mg), your muscles will be blown up strong and long after each workout.​

Taurine (1g)

Taurine is known as a muscle voluminizer as it enhances water and nutrient uptake to the muscles.

This powerful non-essential amino acid serves as a mental enhancing nootropic as it can be found in the brain, as well as the heart and muscle.

Water is drawn to working muscles with the help of taurine, which leads to the water-based pumps that most of us know of.

So Total War is not only using taurine but citrulline and agmatine as well for even further pumps and vascularity.

You’ll want to stay hydrated to make sure you’re getting the most out of this pre workout!

Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg)

Caffeine is the old but proven stimulant that has been used in pre workouts for decades now.

It’s also found in fat burners as it can not only increase energy but thermogenesis as well.

This strong stimulant can enhance performance by increasing mental and physical functions.

It can increase alertness, mood and overall performance so you’ll perform longer and harder.


There’s been a trend of putting in 350 to 400mg of caffeine but RedCon1 is using only a moderate dose of 250mg.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a strong pre workout. There are still a couple of strong stimulants to cover.

N-phenylethyl Dimethylamine Citrate (125mg)

This a simple stimulant, despite it’s name, it’s the newly found energy booster called Jerensis Extract (as seen in BloodShr3d and Conq3ur Unleashed ).

Eria Jarensis is considered to be one of the best alternatives to DMAA and for good reason too since it can increase euphoria (mood).


It promotes action that is similar to PEA but it can cross the blood-brain barrier, thus having a super long lasting effect on mood and motivation.

So whether your current pre workout just doesn’t give you the “feels” or you can’t get your hands on exotic stimulants like DMAA, then Total War will help you feeling much more motivated and excited for your workouts.

2-aminoisoheptane (100mg)

Now we talked about mood enhancement from Eria Jarensis, but this will increase mood even further and make you feel energized without making you feel like overly stimmed.

DMHA, or 2-aminoisoheptane, is in comparison to DMAA, the light version of it.

It’s structure is similar to DMAA as well as DMBA (AMP Citrate).

It works by increasing various monoamine levels in the body, like dopamine and norepinephrine.

What this does for you, is that it increases motivation and alertness without feeling like you’ve taken in 5 cups of coffee in one sitting.

You’ll feel superb, unlike DMAA which might be too strong for some, and super focused on the task at hand.

Theobroma Cacao Seed Extract (50mg)

This is caffeine’s weaker but smoother relative, Theobromine.

It looks the same as caffeine in structure, but it gives off much longer lasting energy so you won’t feel any crash when taking Total War.

Theobromine And So instead of getting a rush of energy like most pre workouts would give off, this will help the strong pre workout to last much longer.

Theobromine And Caffeine

Theobromine on the left and caffeine on the right....

Higenamine (25mg)

This naturally occurring alkaloid extracted from lotus seeds and a few other plants, is the light but safe version in comparison to ephedrine.

Higenamine is a beta-receptor, which helps increase weight loss by releasing fatty acids to be used as energy.

When combined with caffeine and other stimulants, it becomes much more effective and noticeable.

BioPerine® (10mg)

BioPerine® is a black pepper extract that has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

This increases bioavailability of all the ingredients used with it so you are sure to absorb all the ergogenics in this pre workout.

There is research showing that it can also increase energy by increasing adrenaline levels, so you’ll feel much more motivated and driven in your workouts.

Rauwolscice (5mg)

The rain of stimulants is not over yet.

Total War ends it’s formula with alpha-yohimbine, a powerful stimulant that needs to be used in small doses (like this one) in order to be effective.

Unlike most stimulants though, this prevents fat from being stored as it is an alpha-2 antagonist.

Doses of this ingredient can range from 1.5 to 2mg, so 5mg should give you a strong kick and drive to workout with a war-like attitude (no pun intended).

Total Fat Burner?

Now the ingredients here are seen to increase mood and fat loss so whether you’re dieting or on a bulk, you’ll probably notice you’re burning much more after using this.

You will also have strong pumps and endurance, thanks to the big dose of citrulline malate and agmatine.

So overall this is a solid pre workout, no matter what your goal is.

Stack with Big Noise for Complete Focus and Nootropics

Big Noise is RedCon1’s non-stimulant pre workout.

It increases pumps and mental functions by using nitric oxide ingredients as well as nootropics.

Big Noise

It works by increasing acetylcholine, which will increase your mind to muscle connection.

So if you’re looking to destroy your workouts with a strong stack, then consider adding Big Noise to the mix.

You’ll still get a perfectly great workout from Total War alone.

Flavors Available

The flavors are pretty standard, ranging from blue raspberry, fruit punch and watermelon.

These 3 flavors are commonly used and certainly won’t disappoint if you’re looking for something that tastes good.

Total War On The World Of Iron

Take two very strong pre workouts, add transparent labels with completely fully dosed ingredients that are not only clinically dosed but proven to work, and you’ve got yourself a mass of motivation and drive that will last you the entire workout.


RedCon1 has started off strong and has taken a unique angle by providing supplements that just plain work.

Forget the mainstream supplements and the hype, Total War will have you coming back for more.

If you want to destroy your workouts, break PR’s with complete aggression and motivation and continuously perform at your best without feeling like you’ve taken in crack, then you’ll love Total War.

Ready To Get Into The Highest State Of Readiness?

Overall Rating: 

Redcon1 is a fresh supplement company starting off strong with a solid pre workout, Total War. If you’re looking for something that would increase energy and mood, then you will absolutely like this pre workout. It’s packed with ergogenic aids and stims to keep you going strong.

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