Venom by Anti Hero Labs: Strong Pre Workout with 100mg of DMAA

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated April 28, 2020
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Venom is a hard hitting pre workout with 100mg DMAA, 250mg caffeine, and a bunch of stimulants that will help you keep in a high energy state for hours at a time.

While most ingredients are in a prop blend, the highlight here is the big dose of DMAA, which itself is usually in high priced pre workouts.

Overall, Venom is one of the popular pre workouts that has a combination of stimulants including DMAA and ephedra.



High stimulant energy for hours of energy.



Priced fairly.



Some ingredients are in a prop blend but DMAA and caffeine dosages are disclosed.



It's available at some sources.

Hard hitting pre workouts are easier than ever to find.

You'd think since the ban of DMAA, and the end of Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals selling products containing it, it would be super hard to find.

Surprisingly, it's quite easy to find pre workouts with the controversial stimulant.

Venom not only has 100mg DMAA but it also has multiple stimulants from ephedra to caffeine and synephrine.

While this pre workout comes from a lesser known company, Anti-Hero Labs, and it's one of the best selling DMAA pre's we've seen so far.

The trend for these hard-hitting pre workouts seems to be set at 100mg DMAA and sometimes even including DMHA in the formula.

Venom doesn't have DMHA, and having both hardcore stimulants in the same formula is a bit risky since there are no studies on using both and only recently have both stimulants been included in the same formula.

Pre workouts like Dark Energy and Irate, both ranking in our strongest pre workouts list, are lean a bit more on the risky side as it has both DMHA and DMAA.

Anti Hero Labs

Like us, you've probably seen more than enough companies that have labs in their names.

We don't know why but it seems to be the trend of supplement companies including labs in their names.

And some will turn the into a, probably thinking that it would make it look more unique.

The company doesn't have any online presence other than having their products available in online retailers.

Their pre workout and BCAA drink seems to be the only products that are sold and made from this company.

That being said, their pre workout has been the best selling for months now.


The label looks fairly simple, all made in a prop blend but that shouldn't matter if you're really just looking for a high energy pre workout without needing to rely on its ergogenic ingredients like beta alanine and agmatine.

Both of these ingredients are present in this pre workout but the dosages are unknown.

Aside from that, there's 5 stimulants that will create a long lasting surge of energy.

DMAA and caffeine for traditional hard hitting energy, followed by hordenine.

Hordenine will help prolong the effects of the stimulants in here.

First we'll cover the ergogenics then jump to the stimulants.

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine has multiple benefits, it's the powerhouse of strength and muscular endurance.

It works by delaying the lactic acid build up that comes when performing sets of multiple reps and high intensity workouts.

It delays fatigue and helps maintain intensity.
The tingly feeling you might get is going to be from the beta alanine.
When it's combined with citrulline malate it works even better as citrulline works in a similar way by increasing muscular endurance and delaying fatigue.

Agmatine Sulfate

Arginine was once hailed to be the best nitric oxide booster back a few years ago.

Now anyone who has a bit of experience with pre workout would know that agmatine is the best nitric oxide booster to get.

It not only elevates N.O. levels but it also has some nootropic potential as it can enhance mood.

The dosage should be at 500mg for some noticeable effects but since this is in a prop blend, we won't know how much is in until Anti-Hero Labs can confirm and disclose it.

Carnage is Anti-Hero Lab's intra workout for recovery and muscle growth.


L-Norvaline is a lesser known ingredient but is highly underrated.

It is used to enhance the pump and nitric oxide levels.

Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg)

Caffeine is a proven and the grandfather of all stimulants.

This consistently used stimulant can increase alertness, decrease fatigue and keeps your energy higher than normal.

Dosages for caffeine range normally anywhere from 100 to 300mg.

Some pre workouts will go as high as 400mg or 500mg, but at 250mg, it is more than enough as DMAA is used in this formula as well.

This dose is more than enough to provide a decent energy kick on it's owned.

With the rest of the formula containing other stimulants, Venom is surely a strong high stimulant pre workout.

DMAA (100mg)

Here comes the controversial stimulant that is hard to find but is still readily available at places like Ruesco.

DMAA is a strong stimulant that elevates mood, increases energy with very minimal side effects.

The exact mechanism of DMAA is unknown but it's known that it works by mimicking adrenaline and other hormones that the body produces when it needs to increase alertness and energy.

Venom contains 100mg of DMAA and it is dosed quite high here.

The safe dosage is considered to be at 75mg or less.

At 100mg, it is leaning towards the risky side of DMAA but the risks can be mitigated with ingredients that can decrease blood pressure like agmatine and other nitric oxide boosters.

The side effects increase when other stimulants like caffeine is used but that's why caffeine is not dosed higher than 250mg.


Synephrine works similarly to ephedrine but without the associated side effects.

100mg is a big dose and it works even stronger when it's combined with other stimulants.

It works by decreasing appetite, enhancing energy and mood.

Whether you're on a strict cut or need a boost of energy, synephrine is something that will help take focus and performance to the next level.

Phenta 1,3 Atlas Labs
For fat burning and energy, check out Phenta Inferno's review here

Choline Bi-Tartrate

Choline helps with focus by increasing acetylcholine in the brain.

It's a widely used ingredient in nootropic formula but it is used just as much in pre workout formulas.

Some studies suggest choline to help with muscle growth while preventing and decreasing risk for mental illnesses like alzheimers.

Citicoline and alpha GPC are both known to be the best forms of choline for strength and focus benefits.

You should be getting most of your choline from your diet from foods like eggs.

Hordenine HCL

Similar to synephrine, hordenine comes from bitter orange.

Compared to synephrine though, it's a much more mild stimulant.

It increases dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, leaving you with more energy and a higher and more uplifted state of mind.

Ephedra Extract

Since the ban and discontinuation of the ephedrine stimulant, supplement companies have found a way to still include some form of ephedra without breaking the law.

Ephedra is much more mild than ephedrine because it doesn't have the same alkaloids.

But it still has many compounds that can help increase energy and decrease fatigue.

On it's own, it's not a very effective stimulant but when it's combined with caffeine and other hardcore stimulants, it becomes a nice addition to the formula.

Final Words

Pre workouts containing DMAA can be difficult to find.

When it is available, it's usually dosed in a prop blend, leaving you guessing the dose and the rest of the formula is usually weak as well.

But Venom has done it better.

It discloses how much caffeine and DMAA it uses, while the rest of the formula is in a prop blend.

While it's not ideal, it isn't bad considering it's hard to find decent pre workouts with DMAA.

Venom is one of the best selling pre workouts so far, and it's done well as it's ranked in our strongest pre workout guide.

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