Amazon’s P2N Supplements Peak Performance: Weak Supplements Made With Magic Pixie Dust Blends

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Dec 17, 2020

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a company like Amazon, a giant e-commerce beast, decided to release a supplement line?

It’s safe to assume they can get access to the greatest bodybuilding scientists and nutrition experts who would recommend cutting edge science based ingredients right?

Or maybe they could Google and do a little research before formulating?


We’re as surprised as you are.

The company is predicted to be worth a trillion dollars in the near future, but yet they are creating supplements like they are in the 90’s and even then we had epic supplements like Ultimate Orange and the classic ECA stack.

Although their labels are formulated with underdosed prop blends, customers are likely to buy their supplements and drive sales away from existing supplement companies.

They may drive a lot of companies out of business as Amazon is already taking over the e-commerce side of supplements which already drove some big websites out of business.

So what's this new line called?

p2n supplements

​P2N Peak Performance Nutrition, and there’s a lot of questions that come with this new line, such as, is it any good, what does this mean for the other brands that sell on Amazon and, what does this mean for other supplement e-tailers?

Some industry insiders are worried that Amazon will drive other sites out of business - and, as we indicated above, it appears that this has already been happening.

How big of a problem is this?

P2N Peak Performance Product Line

​All good questions, but first, let’s take a look at the line itself.

Here’s the lineup:

​P2N looks like a fairly straight-forward line that covers all the basics, but we need a closer look.

​Take A Look At The Labels

​If you go to the site and take a look at the products, the first thing you'll notice is that this is a beginner life.

What does that mean?

It means underdosed prop blends for the most part, and while they have products that are fully disclosed, they are either using low quality ingredients or under dosing or both.

This is the label from the P2N Intensity Pre-Workout:

​As you can see, it’s a weak formula that consists of 2 prop blends.

We have no idea how much of anything we’re getting, not even caffeine.

If you look closely, this is similar to some of the budget Walmart brands like Six Star, Body Fortress and Equate.

Wait - even Equate, a Walmart product, has a fully disclosed label!

Here’s another one - their Advanced Protein Isolate:

​When you first look at it, it doesn’t seem all that bad (beyond the underdosed betaine) - then you realize - it’s not a whey isolate, it’s a prop blend of milk, whey and soy, and we don’t know how much of each we’re getting!

The rest of the line is similar - so we see that this is a line that’s not geared towards the educated consumer.

In fact, looking at every label of every product, we can conclusively say - there’s not one product here worth taking!

​What About The Other "Top Brands" On Amazon?

​It’s called “advertising above the fold” and it means that the ads dominate the top of the page.

One of the concerns of the new P2N brand is that it will hurt the sales of other established brands that have typically dominated this prime espace on Amazon, such as Cellucor.

Add to that the simple fact that many buyers of these products may not be savvy consumers that know a high quality supplement when they see one.

The market is exploding with innovation right now and yes, sometimes you pay for that kind of innovation - is P2N going to derail all this?

Is Amazon's Supplement Line The Kiss Of Death?

​It may be to some companies.

Amazon is a giant - and many e-shoppers use it for every type of purchase they need to make.

In fact, some companies have already blamed Amazon for their suffering ( for example). 

Amazon & Walmart: Tag-Teaming The Competition?

​One interesting thing to note is that these products are contracted out and many of them look very similar to several of Walmart’s new “Equate” line of sports nutrition products - for example, the P2N and Equate Whey Proteins are exactly the same!

​Are we looking at the new tag team champions?

So Now What?

Most of the industry knew this was coming, since Amazon has not been shy about it - they sponsored the Mr O 3 years ago, and now their products get top billing on their site.

​For educated supplement users, this line means little but it will hurt the business of companies that make serious products.

Many supplement users just want the best deal - and this new line could hurt everybody from the budget brands to the premium products. Is there a plus side to all of this?

Really, the only positive is that the P2N line could introduce the idea of supplements to people that are fitness minded but have never used them - that’s what Walmart has done.

While that’s a good thing, the bottom line here is, if they’re targeting budget brands right now, who will they target in the years to come - and is this the best direction for the industry to go?

The biggest takeaway we can take from this is that people need to educate themselves and not invest in inferior products and support the companies that do put in the effort in building solid supplements.

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