Re1gn Olympus Labs: Powerful Pre Workout With 5 Stimulants and 5 Patented Ingredients (With Vaso-6 And ST1M-X)

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated April 24, 2020
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Attention: Olympus Labs voluntarily recalled the first batch of Dragon Mist flavored Re1gn for reported adverse effects (possible mis-dosing with ST1M-X!).   

If you're sensitive at all to yohimbine / yohimbe, then avoid Re1gn or try a very small serving to assess tolerance. 

Many thought that ST1M-X was a yohimbine ingredient but it is not. However, if yohimbine is an ingredient that you don't like, then you won't enjoy this pre workout.

The first batch of Dragon Mist caused a wave of trouble as tons of people were reporting adverse side effects.

This was most likely because ST1M-X wasn't dosed properly.  

Olympus Labs has contacted all users who bought the first batch of Dragon Mist. 

Review of: Re1gn

Purpose: Powerful concentrated pre workout with top notch and high quality ingredients.


Uses high quality patented ingredients, including 2 new and effective compounds.


The ingredients will produce lots of energy, pumps and focus.


Fairly priced.


Available for purchase.

We like

  • Increases pump and vasodilation with high quality ingredients (AGmass and Vaso-6)
  • Unique blend of 5 stimulants to increase energy and focus for long periods of time 
  • Uses less ingredients than Conqu3r Unleashed but still outperforms it (More ingredients isn't always better)
  • Instant effects (without needing to wait for saturation or build up)
  • 5 grams of pure citrulline (performance and pump enhancer)
  • Uses 300mg caffeine along with 4 other stimulants

We Don't Like

  • Some prop blends


In the age of concentrated pre workouts, there's little demand for full and balanced pre workouts that have it all. 

Unlike Conqu3r Unleashed, Re1gn doesn't have any ingredients that need time or saturation to work (like ElevATP, etc.).

Re1gn is stuffed with 5 patented ingredients that'll increase pumps, energy and overall performance. ​

And energy is coming from all angles, stages and levels, thanks to the 5 strong stimulants that work hard, from the first serving to the last with little to no chance of a tolerance build up. 

Re1gn is both revolutionary and unique, backed with high quality and research backed ingredients (for the most part). Try it out and bring Re1gn to your training!​

If there’s anything to learn about Olympus Labs is that they are one of the best supplement companies that produces top notch, no B.S. supplements.

Over the years, they’ve earned the reputation of releasing super powered supplements that create demigods.

Everything from Conqu3r Unleashed, to Ignit3, BloodShr3d, STR3NGTH Unleashed and much more.

And now their most recent pre workout, Re1gn.

Re1gn is a pre workout is made to replace and top up their already mastered Conqu3r Unleashed.

Every aspect of Conqu3r Unleashed is perfect, from pump inducing to strength enhancing compounds.

So Re1gn has a lot to live up to.

Olympus Labs has an amazing track record for releasing top notch supplements time and time again.

While they are in fact using a couple new ingredients like the pump inducing ingredient, VASO-6 and a new stimulant, the formula seems to be half of what Conqu3r Unleashed.

It is possible to have a better pre workout by using high quality, and potent ingredients so we’ll have to dive in and see what it offers and what makes it stand out above Conqu3r Unleashed

Re1gn Ingredients

re1gn pre workout

The news about Re1gn was released as early as May but the ingredients weren’t released until July and is available now to be bought.

We haven’t heard this much hype from Olympus Labs before but it is exciting nonetheless.

Conqu3r Unleashed was literally packed with multiple nitric oxide ingredients, stimulants, Creatinol-O-Phosphate and much more so we were surprised when we discovered Re1gn’s formula to contain much less.

But sometimes bigger, whole doses are plain better than a scattered and unfocused long listed formula.

One look at Re1gn and it should come to no surprise that this should induce nasty pumps, increase energy better than Conqu3r unleashed.

This formula should have instant effects rather than waiting for saturation and a buildup unlike Conqu3r.

If Vaso-6 is all the hype it’s been brought with, then this should easily hit our top 10 pre workout lists.

Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix (7.3g)

This blend starts off strong with 5g of citrulline (!), 1g AGmass (agmatine sulfate), Pomegranate powder extract and the new Vaso-6.

You should be getting some nasty pumps and fullness from this!

Tr1umph is a daily muscle builder that you can stack with Re1gn (or any pre workout)

L-Citrulline (5g)

This super powered non-essential amino acid is dosed quite generously at 5 grams.

There’s rarely any pre workout that packs more than 4g citrulline (MTS Clash has 6g and CelluVOL packs 7g) that’s usually more than enough but this is a monster dose so expect strong pumps from this alone.

Citrulline is the first pump ingredient here and it is one of the best nitric oxide boosters due to its superior bioavailability, thus leading to better pumps and vasodilation.

With multiple benefits behind this performance enhancing ingredient, L-Citrulline enhances ATP production, increases muscle growth and endurance.

Sometimes you’ll find Citrulline Malate, which only contains half the amount of pure citrulline.

So forget taking a stand alone nitric oxide supplement as Re1gn will get you nice and pumped!

AGmass (Agmatine Sulfate) (1g)

Agmatine is the ultimate nitric oxide booster with some nice nootropic benefits.

Prolonging and protecting N.O. levels, Agmatine can “extend” the pumps by inhibiting the enzyme arginase (responsible for breaking down N.O. levels).

Besides keeping nitric oxide levels high, Agmatine is also beneficial for the central nervous and cardiovascular system.

Olympus is using a pure patented form which is the first we’ve seen of, AGmass, so you’re getting the best quality possible here.

So while citrulline is providing that initial pump, you’ll stay inflated as agmatine will protect and prolong nitric oxide levels.

If you’ve used pre workouts long enough, you’d know citrulline and agmatine is an epic combination, but it gets even better with the next two ingredients.

Olympus Labs athlete, Becki Pierotti, just before her epic bench press.

Pomegranate Powder Extract (1g)

Pomegranate, aka the superfood in the west, is a fruit that’s been shown to increase endurance, reduce oxidative stress and enhance nitric oxide production.

Since it’s packed with polyphenols, Pomegranates have potent antioxidant properties and are naturally higher than other sources.

Besides lowering cholesterol, Pomegranate can also decrease blood pressure which can further increase vasodilation and lead to better pumps.

Vaso6 (300mg)

(Gallate Enhanced Oligomers)

Finally, we’ve reached one of the newest and freshest ingredients…

Vaso-6 is most of the hype here from Re1gn and for good reason too.

It is a gallate-enhanced oligomer, derived from grape seed extract and green tea which is supposed to put nitric oxide production in super drive.

Insane Energy Matrix (678mg)

Now we’re getting to the best part of the formula…

Focus, energy and drive is what this 5 stimulant blend will deliver.

There’s one new stimulant here that hasn’t been used before and that’s ST1M-X, which we’ll get to in a minute…

Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg)

The granddaddy of all stimulants, caffeine.

It’s not a complete pre workout without caffeine as it has been proven again and again to increase energy, alertness and mental functions.

The trend with hardcore pre workouts seems to have more than 350mg in each serving, which is insane when other stimulants are included.

This is the first of 5 stimulants so even if you have a high tolerance towards caffeine, you’ll still likely be hyped up and driven with Re1gn.

Eria Jarensis Extract

Eria Jarensis is similar to PEA as it produces some nice euphoria effects.

While it isn’t as strong as DMAA, it is often regarded a replacement because of its long lasting effects on energy and mood.

Unlike PEA though, the mood boost lasts much longer than a few minutes and the effects are much better when combined with other stimulants.

Even though it can never outperform anything like DMAA, it makes a big difference when it’s included in a big stimulant blend like Re1gn has here.

Julgans Regia Extract

This ingredient is also known as J. Regia, a English walnut (or Persian walnut) that’s found in Southwest China and the Himalayas.

What makes this ingredient special is that it contains 2-amino-5-methylheptane (a close relative to DMHA) which is more powerful than 2-amino-6 and more expensive to produce.

If you’ve had Ignit3, Bloodshr3d, or Conqu3r Unleashed then you’d have a bit of experience as this is responsible for a bit of euphoria and focus.


ST1M-X is the latest novel stimulant to come out of Olympus Labs.

This trademarked ingredient contains a potent blend of alkaloids derived from C.Macroceras plant.

And while many thought this was a yohimbine based ingredient, it's not at all. 

Interestingly enough, C. Marcoceras contains no yohimbine or yohimbenine at all as Olympus Labs has stated many times, although it is related to yohimbine in a way. 

ST1M-X can increase focus and energy further when used in conjunction with caffeine and the other stimulants in here.

There really isn’t much research on this but since it’s coming out of O.L. , we know these guys use potent ingredients and this is one of the hyped up ingredients in here.

Tasteless TeaCrine (100mg)

TeaCrine is similar to caffeine but it’s more potent because tolerance build up is not an issue and it can enhance mood by increasing dopamine production.

It can also reduce inflammation and improve liver function which is a nice bonus to something that’s added for its stimulatory properties.

KannaEase (25mg)

Kanna is an herb which is known to increase mood and energy through selective PDE-4 inhibition.

It’s historically used as ancient medicines to reduce stress and anxiety and it can also elevate cognitive function.

All in all, Kanna will help you feel motivated and uplifted to bring Reg1n upon your workouts!

Olympus is using a high quality patented form here so you know you’re getting the best purity.

Maximum Absorption Matrix (50mg)

AstraGIN Prop Blend (Astragalus Membranaceus Extract Root, Panax Notoginseng Extract AstraGin is included to help with the absorption of the other ingredients in here.

Containing the clinically used dosage (50mg), you’ll surely be getting the most out of the ingredients here and thus increasing the effectiveness of this powerful pre workout.


We usually don’t care for flavors as we mostly want something that works.

But here are the flavors that are available right from launch:

  • ISEE Fury (cherry slushie)
  • Area 51 (mystery)
  • Dragons Mist (sweet freezie)
  • Lions Blood (tropical)
  • KrusherZ (orange candy)

Re1gn is available in 5 outrageous and unique flavors so you’d never get bored of them…

Final Words

Olympus Labs has done it again.

No matter what category it is, they continuously put out epic formulas that perform well and include high quality ingredients.

Re1gn here includes 5 stimulants and 5 patented ingredients to keep turning men (and women) into “demigods”.

Nothing about this formula is average and stands out above all other pre workouts as it has multiple stimulants to produce energy at different angles and ranges.

Re1gn will easily deliver in pumps, focus, energy and overall performance.

Forget about a pre workout that has creatine, betaine, and the other stuff that take time to build up with.

Try Ergonine or Tr1umph if you want something that has your daily muscle builders but you don’t want to have them all stuffed in your pre workout.

Are You Ready To Make It Re1gn?

Overall Rating: 

Reg1n is not only packed with high quality ingredients but is properly dosed to increase energy, pumps and focus.

With 5 stimulants and a solid pump blend, there is no weakness to be seen with their latest pre, Re1gn.

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