Olympus Labs BloodShr3d: Shred Fat Away With DMHA, Euphoria, and More

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated April 1, 2019
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Review of: BloodShr3d

Purpose: Powder based thermogenic fat burner


The formula is well put together to enhance lipolysis , mood support and energy.


Includes everything a fat burner should have: adaptogens, powerful stimulants and focus enhancing ingredients.


Not the best but expected.


Fairly easy to find

We like

  • Two versions to choose from (one is rauwolscine)
  • Powerful stimulants to increase fat burning and energy
  • Supports mood and overall health
  • More effective than Alphamine and replaces it
  • Mostly disclosed ingredients

We Don't Like

  • Nothing! Everything seems perfect about this fat burner

Summary: BloodShr3d is a powerful thermogenic fat burner that uses ingredient that not only work to aid weight loss, but also are in fully loaded dosages. 

BloodShr3d takes the crown in it's category of powered fat burners as it can significantly increase thermogenesis, energy and focus. This can also be used as a pre workout even if you're not cutting as it puts you in a very aggressive state of mind.

If there was an company that you can depend on it would be Olympus Labs.

Their no-B.S. approach to supplements appeals to the serious lifter and bodybuilders alike and its no wonder as they live up to their claims.​

From their Conqu3r Unleashed to their testosterone booster, Test1fy​, see our top 10 testosterone list, they are not slowing down with sequels and new releases.


Now the last effective fat burning powder was Alphamine but that sadly died down since they reformulated it to something that just isn’t effective any longer.

And Olympus Labs has another fat burner, Ignit3, but it is pill based and though it’s just as strong as effective, there’s nothing like sipping on something that gets the metabolism heated up.​


Ignit3 is OL's best pill based fat burner...

Like most of you, we know O.L. will always have supplements that are fully loaded with clinically dosed ingredients and they do not hold back when they do release new ones.​

So we are literally clapping our hands in excitement when we see something brand new…


We’re not about hype either.​

We tend to sit back with our arms crossed when something new comes out but this something different and will replace all the powdered ​fat burners out there…

BloodShr3d Raw Ingredients

BloodShr3d Raw Ingredients

There are two versions of BloodShr3d: War and Raw.

Now the War edition is the exact same as raw except it does not have Rauwolscine (aka Yohimbine) so if you’re sensitive to Yohimbine or do not have experience with fat burners, we recommend you stick with Raw.


Now back to the Raw version…

This fat burner is stuffed with goodies that’ll provide powerful focus, fat burning, eurphoria and appetite suppression.​

Let’s go in-depth with the ingredients…​

(Note: If you'd like free supplement samples to try out and see what works for you, click here or the image below)

Maximum Lipolysis Activating Matrix

Green Coffee (1g)

Green coffee isn’t the super fat burner that everyone was led to believe but it is still a fat burner and it has massive enough benefits to be in BloodShr3d.

This extract is standardized to 50% Chlorogenic acid, which makes out to 500mg of GCBE, a powerful compound that can lead to weight loss.

Chlorogenic acid has been proven to burn fat by stimulating the release of fatty acids in the body while enhancing insulin sensitivity.​

By reducing insulin resistance, you’ll be able to better utilize carbs and drive them to your muscles instead of your belly.

Most fat burners just contain green coffee without standardizing it with Chlorogenic acid.​


Sophora Japonica (400mg)

This flower is traditionally used in Asia as a herbal remedy for various conditions like hemorrhoids and hematemesis.

It also has some weight loss benefits due to the fact that it is rich in rutinoside, a citrus flavonoid.​

This further enhances glucose uptake by activating AMPK and decreases inflammation, which also helps fight obesity and weight gain.​

Caffeine (250mg)

Good old caffeine.

What is a fat burner without it?​

We don’t know either, but we do know caffeine just makes everything better.

It does everything from increasing alertness, to enhancing focus and mood.

With caffeine, the body is also able to burn more fat by increasing energy expenditure.

Compared to most fat burners and even their Ignit3 fat burner, BloodShr3d uses less caffeine (250mg per serving).


This is Ignit3, the OL pill version of a fat burner...

You can just take less of Ignit3 or the powdered fat burner BloodShr3d to get less caffeine if you wanted to and you’d still be benefiting from the increased thermogensis.​

Rhodiola Rosea (100mg)

This powerful adaptogen is beneficial for reducing mental fatigue and stress.

Whether you’re on a diet or not, Rhodiola will only benefit you in something like a fat burner as stimulants tend to increase stress and anxiety.

This adaptogen can also reduce binge eating, which will directly help with your weight loss.​

The compounds in Rhodiola are salidroside and rosavin, which are both the power horses of the adaptogen.

You won’t find any studies on weight loss from this adaptogen but surely the reductions in stress and anxiety and mood support will be a must if you’re on a diet or if you’re taking a fat burner in general.


Vanillin (100mg)

Now this hasn’t really been used in fat burners before.

This is a phenolic aldehyde, a primary ingredient in vanilla bean that gives off the flavor and smell it’s known for.

This compound is known to increase energy metabolism and lipolysis by acting as a selective agonist of transient receptor potential vanilloid subtype 1 (aka TRPV1).

Vanillin also provides mood support, prevents depression and reduces levels of triglycerides, VLDL and total cholesterol levels.

So you’re not only getting increased lipoysis from BloodShr3d but you’re also gaining a ton of other health benefits ranging from mood support to heart health.

Extreme Energy, Focus & Thermogenic Trifecta (306mg)

Now this blend should be familiar to you as it’s used in Ignit3, their pill fat burner version.

It isn’t exactly the same though.

While this formula has less caffeine than Ignit3, this blend actually has 60mg more than what’s in Ingit3.

(Note: If you'd like free supplement samples to try out and see what works for you, click here or the image below)

Eria Jarensis

This stimulant is used all over the place with Olympus Labs as they have it in their popular pre workout Conqu3r Unleashed and a couple of others.

Eria Jarensis is a new stimulant that’s packed with various PEA-based ingredients like N-methyl-PEA, N,N-dimethyl PEA, and the strong N-phenethyl dimethylamine.​

This blend should give off strong euphoria that lasts much longer than just regular PEA would.​


Eria Jarensis wouldn’t be as effective without the following stimulants though….

J. Regia Extract

In the world we live in, DMAA is frowned down upon by FDA and isn’t easy to get for the average stimulant lover.

But thankfully there are alternative and this stimulant is one of them.

Juglans regia (aka J. regia) is most probably extracted for 2-amino-5-methylheptane, a much more expensive and more effective stimulant than the 2-amino-6 that you usually would see (like Gameday and many others)

2-amino-5, like DMAA, is a aliphatic amine.

And like DMAA, it delivers a punch to mood support and gives off some good feelings, and not to mention it’s energy enhancing benefits.


This powerful stimulant is also used to treat some medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and lipid levels.

Rauwolfia Serpentina Extract (60mg)

This is the difference between BloodShr3d’s War and Raw version.

But it’s only in Raw edition so if you don’t want alpha-yohimbine then go for the War version.

Now this is another strong stimulant that can stop fat from storing in your body by acting as an alpha-2 antagonist.

It’s a small dose but it’s a super potent stimulant.

Alpha-yohimbine seems to give off less anxiety than regular and other versions of yohimbine.​

Also this version isn’t illegal in some countries unlike the other versions of yomhimbine.​


We usually don’t care for flavors.

If we did then we wouldn’t care about pre workouts and fat burners that worked.

But this is a special case, just look for yourself…​


The flavors of BloodShr3d are as follows:

  • Orange Starkrush
  • Purple Bubblegum
  • Hawaiian Colada

You may want to avoid getting addicted to the taste.

We wouldn’t want you overdosing on BloodShr3d!​

Final Words

Olympus Labs has taken the lead in the supplement business by taking the first leap to creating a much-needed powered fat burner.

Everything they produce, from Conqu3r Unleashed to OR1GIN to Test1fy, it’s no wonder they are literally conquering the market.

The best part is that they do not appear to be mainstream at all.​


vSome of their products can not even be sold in big retailers like Amazon / Bodybuilding.com because some of their products are “too hardcore” to be used by the average consumer.

Ignit3 is already a super strong fat burner, but since the removal / reformulation of Alphamine, there’s been a much needed powered version of a fat burner.​

With two version to pick from (in case you don’t like rauwolscine) you can’t go wrong with BloodShr3d.​

Ready To Shr3d? 

Overall Rating: 

Olympus Labs has not shown any signs of slowing down. They took the leap on replacing an empty gap for a powered version of a fat burner (Alphamine) and created something more epic. BloodShr3d is definitely worth a try, many times over.

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