Olympus Labs Amnes1a: Wicked Sleeping Aid Designed For Demigods

By Nader Qudimat
Last Updated April 2, 2019
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​One of the Most Innovative Sleep Aids Available

Amnes1a contains over 9 clinically dosed ingredients to help improve sleep, enhance mood, all while naturally increasing growth hormone production.

This supplement will help you calm down, ease into sleep without waking up groggy or being addictive at all.

Once again, the Demigod team has outdone themselves with a super effective supplement that undoubeteldy make waves in our top 10 lists.

Amnes1a is made of simple but effectively dosed ingredients that are proven to enhance mood, promote relaxation, reduce stress and help you sleep deeply throughout the night. 


​Amnes1a increases sleep quality and relaxation and stimulates GH release as well as recovery.


​Well-designed formula that features several effective herbal relaxants, GH releasers, and a solid 3 mg dose of melatonin.


​Price is a bit high but when you look at everything this formula gives you, the price is fair.


​It is widely available.

We like

  • ​Balanced formula that features several unique ingredients
  • ​Full disclosure labeling - no prop blends
  • ​Contains ingredients designed to promote GH release
  • ​Helps control stress and anxiety
  • ​No withdrawals

We Don't Like

  • ​A little pricey (you get what you pay for)
  • ban
    Too much melatonin in single serving (can be divided by 4) 

​Amnes1a is exactly what you’d expect from Olympus Labs – a well-designed, multi-purpose hardcore sleep aid that contains several unique ingredients.

It covers all the bases with relaxants, stress fighters, and sleep/wake cycle regulators.

They’ve harnessed the anabolic power of GH, which is naturally released by the body at key times throughout the day, but most often released numerous times at night when you are in deep, REM sleep.

Amnes1a takes advantage of this powerful hormone that’s naturally produced in the body by including specific ingredients to optimize GH production.

This is a welcomed supplement in a category that barely gets any attention by the industry and it is one of the best, fully loaded formulas we've seen to date...



​Amnes1a brings a unique formula that enhances relaxation and reduces stress so you can fall asleep easier, stay asleep all night and wake up without that foggy feeling, instead you can expect to feel rested and refreshed.

Amnes1a was designed to be used consistently. There’s no tolerance build up, just a good-looking formula that will help you sleep and recover. Since recovery is one of the primary keys to muscle growth, that alone makes this a solid addition to your nutritional program.

Amnes1a takes things a step farther by including GH releasers that turn this into a seriously hardcore formula.

​Magnesium - 133mg

This is one of the essential minerals your body requires to function normally. In fact, people that are magnesium deficient tend to experience restless sleep, waking up frequently during the night.

Normal levels of magnesium can help you achieve deep, restful sleep without waking up. One way magnesium does this is by supporting normal levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation and sleep.

Additionally, magnesium helps control stress and, perhaps most importantly for the bodybuilder, can help reduce levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol. (1​)

Massacr3 is one of the many products by Olympus Labs that are both innovative and new.

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (500mg)

​This particular form of yeast has been suggested in clinical studies to contain high amounts of adenosine analogues.

One of the many functions of adenosine in the body is its role in maintaining balance in the body’s sleep/wake cycles.

Adenosine promotes deep sleep and stimulates levels of GH.

Additionally, adenosine helps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. (2​)  

Also, this form of yeast is used to make Brewer’s Yeast and as such contains high levels of the B-Complex vitamins as well as numerous minerals.

This type of yeast is also high in protein, in fact it’s 52% protein by weight.

Due to the high level of B vitamins in this ingredient, Saccharomyces supports cognitive health and combats stress.

Finally, there is a subspecies of this yeast known as Saccharomyces Boulardii. It functions as a probiotic because of its ability to restore the natural flora in the intestinal tract, thereby maintaining balance and overall digestive health.

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Valeriana Officinalis (450mg)

​This popular herb has long been used to relieve anxiety, promote relaxation and help you fall asleep.

There are three active ingredients in valerian root known as valerenic acid, valenol, and valepotriate.

Of these three, valerenic acid attaches to GABA receptors, which is responsible for much of valerian’s ability to help you relax, fall asleep more quickly, and stay asleep all night. (3​)

Melissa Officinalis (300 mg)

​Known more commonly as Lemon Balm, this is a plant from the mint family that does in fact have leaves that are lemon-scented.

The flowers of Lemon Balm are filled with bee-attracting nectar, which is where the name “Melissa” comes from – it’s the Greek name for honey bee.

Lemon Balm originates in the Mediterranean and European regions, where is has an extended history of use as a remedy for anxiety by promoting relaxation.

More recently, it has become a standard ingredient in herbal sleep formulas because of its ability to reduce stress and promote a calm, relaxed mind and body.

Dioscorea Pseudo Japonica (300mg)

​Dioscin is a plant-based natural steroid that originates primarily in the Smilax Officinalis (or, Sarsaparilla) and Dioscorea Esculenta (Wild Yam) plants.

Recently, studies have indicated that Dioscin can stimulate the release of GH, which stimulates increased lean muscle growth as well as reduces excess body fat and takes this formula beyond the typical sleep aid and moves it right into the realm of serious muscle building. (4​)

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Passionflower Extract (300 mg)

​This is another herb that can increase levels of GABA, which promotes feelings of relaxation.

Passionflower is a standard ingredient in many natural sleep aids as well as having an extended use in traditional medicines as a remedy for various sleep disorders.

L-Theanine (100mg)

​This is an amino acid that’s typically found in pre-workouts and energizers to help smooth out the effects of the caffeine and other stimulants that are common in many of them.

As part of a sleep aid formula, it will help the mind relax.

Additionally, it has been shown to have other cognitive benefits, but is included here for its effects on mental relaxation. (5)

Kanna Ease™ (25 mg)

​This herbal extract has been used extensively in traditional medicines to relieve stress and help the mind relax.

This particular form is a premium quality extract that has been standardized for its content of active alkaloids (providing 0.5% total alkaloids).

Once manufactured, it is then freeze-dried to preserve stability and quality.

Initial studies on this ingredient have shown that it has additional cognitive benefits and promotes a positive sense of well-being. (6)

Sleep like a king and wake up a Demigod (or Demigoddess)…

Melatonin (3mg)

​This popular sleep aid is actually a naturally occurring hormone in the body that has a major role in the regulation of the body’s Circadian Rhythms, or the sleep/wake cycles.

Supplementing with this ingredient enhances your ability to fall asleep and helps the user achieve a normal sleep cycle.

​Get A Great Night’s Sleep With Amnes1a  

​This is a sleep aid that stands out from the crowd with its unique formula and full disclosure labeling.

Amnes1a goes beyond just helping you sleep. It should be no surprise that Olympus Labs understands the critical importance of sleep and recovery. You can harness the full effects of one of the body’s most powerful anabolic hormones with this targeted formula.

Olympus Labs has created an exceptional sleep aid that goes farther than the average sleep aid by including GH releasers.

The fact it comes with full disclosure labeling is icing on the cake – the industry is finally trending away from prop blends and all we can say is, it’s about time.

​Dosing Recommendations

Amnes1a is packed with sleep aids that’ll help you sleep better and recover faster...

​Dosing is 4 capsules taken 1- 2 hours before bedtime.

Certainly, with a product like this you only want to use it at night and you should expect to relax and get drowsy sooner rather than later.

With a 4 capsule serving size, you get 120 capsules for a 30 day supply.

It may seem a little pricey to some, however if you factor in the hormonal benefits, you’re really getting much more than just a sleep aid.  

Used as part of an overall muscle building stack, this product can go a long way towards helping you achieve your goals by improving your recovery and optimizing your natural GH release.

You can also use 1-3 capsules as that'll be more than enough for most people. 

​Are You Ready For A Great Night’s Sleep?

Olympus Labs formulated another fantastic supplement for the Demigods (and Demigoddesses).

Amnes1a is made to put you right to sleep and it works well as it contains 9 fully dosed ingredients that'll help with recovery and achieving deep sleep.

With a category with so few supplements, especially for bodybuilding, OL has outdone themselves with Amnes1a. It'll help you sleep better and help you achieve further with physical and mental performance.

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