Hemavo2 Max – Is The King Of Pumps Really Here? (Updated 2016)

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Dec 17, 2020

Review of: Hemavo2 (2017)

Purpose: Increase pump, endurance, and focus


Nasty pumps and long lasting endurance will result from using Hemav02.


Disclosed formula, has nitrate and betaine for maximum pump and strength.


Price isn't bad.


Just released a few months ago, but available everywhere.

We like

  • Potassium nitrate and HydroMax for pumps
  • No stimulants (perfect for evening training)
  • Well balanced with nootropics for enhanced mind to muscle connection.

We Don't Like

  • Only 25 servings
  • It's a bit expensive which makes it a luxury to have.

Summary: It might be the king of nitric oxide but it is expensive which makes it a luxury to have.

That being said, I would still recommend trying this out especially during the summer or whenever you need to have a good, long lasting pump. This will keep your muscles full and tight from the glycerol and nitrates.

Cheapest deal found: $34.99

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The pump.

We all love it.

But what's better than a supplement that enhances the pump to the next level?

Is it the king of pumps?

Only a year ago, Hemav02 was released (2015) and now, 2016, they've re-released it with a new and "improved" formula.

It had some problems with the ingredients in it as some of them were patent and big distributors weren't able to touch them. 

So now they've reformulated their "king of pumps", can it still carry that crown?

hemavo2 max (260)

This is way too awesome, but will I look

like that guy in the picture?

Everyone knows iForce but here’s a little background on them anyway:

There are hundreds of supplements companies out there but iForce is one of the few that has quickly been rising to the top of the chain.

iForce was founded in 2005, bringing efficient products with proven ingredients.

Their current line of products are impressive and there’s no guessing to what is inside as the ingredients are fully disclosed (I don’t like prop blends either!).

New 2016 formula for Hemav02 Max

Everyone who has tried or even heard of Hemavol is excited to see what the 2nd version brings to the table, or to the pumps I should say!

A forum member among the bodybuilding community known as VaughnTrue is the famous Jedi for bringing iForce news and tips.

He’s got everyone incredibly excited about the latest Hemavol product​

Originally I only wanted to present the ingredients to you but I figured I could do way more and provide a lengthy, in-depth article on the latest of Hemavo2 Max. Here’s what we’re going to discuss…​​

What You'll Learn

  • We discuss the trends towards non-stimulant pre workouts
  • We compare the previous version of Hemavol to the new one
  • A breakdown of the ingredients and a brief summary of what they do
  • And what's the next hot product release for iForce

Trends Of Non-Stimulant Pre Workout

Knowing that a lot of people are looking for non-stimulant pre workouts on a regular basis, there would be mainly two reasons why this would be purchased.​

Either people who buy this will be looking for a stimulant break or they’ll stack to their current pre workout (think Hemavol and craze combo!).​

Hemavo2 is claimed to be the king of pumps. We’ll have to try it to go that far but for now we can desiccate the ingredients.​

There are a great line up of non-stimulant pre workouts, but not all of them produce their promised results like the original Hemavol.

Let’s look at the original formula…

The Previous Hemavol Label:

The original formula for Hemoval

The Previous Hemav02 Max Label:

This is the first Hemav02 Max formula (from 2015).

Overview For The Original Hemavol:

One of the best non stimulant pre workouts for pump.

Currently (last checked 1/7/15) has 297 reviews with a 9/10 (!) (bodybuilding.com, though they can't really be trusted with their review system) but some complained about the pricing.

Stimulant free but again the cost made it hard to keep up with supply.

A lot of people said it would be cheaper to buy the ingredients bulk, but that is debatable.

Comparing Original Hemavol To The Latest Hemav02 Max

Overview of Differences:

  • Removed agmatine, citrulline malate and norvaline
  • Added potassium nitrate, HydroMax and a solid mind and muscle formula.

Total Weight:

Hemavol (7.5g, 32 servings) vs Hemavo2 (8 grams, 25 servings)​

With 25 servings, this will last you for at least a good month!

That’s a month full of pumps.

What's With The Name?

It wouldn’t make sense if they named it Hemavo2 if it didn’t have any VO2 benefits.

The nitrates in here will increase oxygen uptake.

Again the focus of Hemavo2 is pumps. It wouldn’t be a hot idea to take this before a casual run​.

Breakdown Of Ingredients:

The increase of vitamin C is amazing.​

The original only had 50mg but the upgraded version has 250mg.​

Vitamin C will help eliminate or at least decrease tolerence for nitrates, making it more effective.​

We’ve all heard of the benefits of Vitamin B12.

The high dosage of 1.2mg is more than enough and will be helpful for those who are on stimulant breaks.​

Not sure if you'll get pumps like this, but it's 


Strength & Power Matrix (4g)

HydroMax 3g (65% glycerol)

GMS is the inferior forum of HydroMax, or so it’s claimed.​

HydroMax (65 percent) is the concentrated form of Gylcerol Monosterate (5 to 12 percent).​

Hydromax helps increase the concentration of fluid in muscle tissues, turning you into a super hydrated walking machine. 

Your muscles will literally swell and fill with the help of this ingredient. ​

It also increases endurance and keeps your muscles full all day long.

Potassium Nitrate 1g

You are probably asking why this was switched in and creatine nitrate was switched out. 

Well mainly because iForce is not allowed to use this ingredient as it's patented and only a few chosen companies can distribute this ingredient legally. 

Another reason is because it has nearly double the amount of nitrates when compared to creatine nitrate.

Creatine nitrate only has 32% while PN has 57%!

With so many benefits from nitrates, like increased oxygen uptake, increased nitric oxide levels and delayed fatigue from exercise, there's no doubt you'll love this ingredient. ​

Agmatine 1g (Removed For The 2016 Version)

Looking at the dose alone is probably sufficent enough to tell you that this will give some serious pumps.​

The increase of 500mg (original only had 500mg) is a nice way to get some serious blood filled pumps.​

Agmatine helps bring out the veins (or the snakes), increasing vascularity and blood flow.​

It’s derived from L-Argnine and is suppose to be the better version.​

It helps with neuropathic pain, protects against strokes, drug addictions and even helps with general brain health.​

The 1 gram is considered to be a full dosage for the purpose of pumps.​

Most products only have about 400 to 800mg of Agmatine.​

L-Citrulline 2g (Removed For The 2016 Version)

Citrulline is considered to be the king of fatigue killers.​

It boosts endurance like no tommorrow.​

Not only does it boost endurance, but it also decreases soreness, enhances recovery and helps with intense workouts.​

The recommended dosage is 2g to 6 for noticeable benefits.​

Some pre workouts pack a full punch at 6g but 2g is just enough.​

Some pre workouts pack a full punch at 6g but 2g is just enough.​

Strength & Power

Creatine Nitrate 1g

While mono is known to be the most effective form of creatine out there, the nitrate verison is definetly worth trying.​

This is like the mono verison, except it has more bioavailabitiy (10 times more water soluble) and it enhances nitric oxide.​

Nitrates are known to promote that roadmap vascularity every bodybuilder dreams of.​

No studies prove that it is a superior form to creatine monohydrates, but the pumps are definitely worth it.​

Creatine HCI 1g

It is claimed that Creatine HCl requires a smaller dosage than regular creatine mono but that has yet to be proven.​

Most research on creatine has been done on the Monohydrate version, which has been proven to be effective over and over again for the past decade.​

Betaine 2.5g

The number of benefits of Betaine are endless.​

They range from strength, endurance and sprinting performance and even muscle growth.​

It doesn’t stop there, benefits are also seen with nitric oxide as it enhances blood flow and muscle pumps.​

Hats off to iForce for including this beneficial ingredient​

Nootropic Mind & Focus Boost

Choline Bitartrate 1g

This ingredient wasn’t present in the previous formula, but it sure would have been great to have. Choline is known to eliminate brain fog and enhances focus.​

Outside of the gym, it helps decrease memory loss that is associated with aging.​

Hemavo2 will surely give some amazing focus because of this one ingredient.​

Amentoflavone 20%

Used in very few supplements (like PowerMax XT), Amentoflavone is a active ingredient of Selaginella tamariscina (a Chinese plant). 

What it does is it inhibits phosphodiesterase and allows for greater vasodilation which leads to more pumps.

It also increases thermogenesis, mood, and alertness. ​

Sceletium Tortuosum Extract

Lastly we have Sceletium tortuosum. 

It's a strong stress releving herb that can improve mood and energy production.

This herb can enhance mental functions ​and help put you in the zone. 


DMAE, or Dimethylethanolamine, has some great nootropic benefits like enhancing alertness and focus. People with ADHD use this as it helps with focus​

Without DMAE, choline would not be as efficent. DMAE acts like a transportation, helping choline reach the brain better.​

We can definitely expect some great mental clarity and focus from these 2 ingredients.​


It’s a known fact that one of the 3 flavors will be a Juicy Watermelon.​

We’re not so sure about the other 2 flavors but we’re going to guess BlueBerry Pomegranate and something Pineapple (because we haven’t seen anything pineapple flavored from them)​

May the iForce be with you

Pumps, Kings, And All Kinds Of Gains

Although they've reformulated their strongest N.O. booster yet, it still performs well and will not disappoint when it comes to the pump.

They not only included some nice N.O. boosters, but they've added a nice mental blend to keep you in the zone and help connect your mind to your muscle.

It's another non-stim pre workout you can add to your arsenal.

So if you’re looking for pumps with focus-based ingredients without the stims, this is the way to go.​

The beauty of Hemavo2 is that it can be stacked with any pre workout since it doesn’t have stims.​

But we would advise against stacking with other pre workouts with similar ingredients as this is properly dosed.​

What's Next For iForce?

They deny anything for a Compete V2, and with their recent release of Max Out (pre workout), it doesn’t look like they’ll be releasing any pre workouts anytime soon.​

But we’re guessing that Compete V2 is a complete secret that no one knows about yet.​

Or maybe they’ll come up with a completely different intra workout with a new name?…We’ll soon find out!​

Learn more about Hemavo2 Here.


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