1. Gym Mindset

Lesson 1

A gym can be one of the most intimidating places ever.

It can feel overwhelming and surreal.

It can be one of the best places you look forward to in your day.

And it should be. 

It is the one place where you can't fake who you are. 

It’s a very humbling place.

Understanding the gym is the first step to helping you feel like you can walk through the door like it was second nature to you.

1. Everyone starts at the bottom

Whether you’re looking at the strongest guy in the gym or the smallest guy there, both of them have stories.

The guys who are able to bench press 225 like it was nothing have been benching for years.

The guy who can barely lift the barbell without any weights may have had setbacks like injuries, or maybe they have some sort of a medical issue or they are simply beginners.

No matter who you look at, at some point in their lives, they started out just like you, never even touching the weights.

2. Just get through the doors

Half the battle is just building the habit of exercising.

If you want to change your body, you need to change the way you have been living.

That means putting on your gym clothes and getting to the gym like it was second nature.

Once you build the habit of going to the gym, you’ve already set yourself apart from the average.

3. Gym Etiquette

If you want to fit in the gym you need to respect the gym and the people in it.

Here are 3 simple rules you can follow right away:

  • Read the rules of the gym
  • Be aware of your surrounding
  • Treat the equipment like it was yours

Every gym usually have dedicated spaces for certain purposes:

  • Weight lifting
  • Stretching / yoga
  • Cardio

When you’re in the weight lifting area, avoid:

  • Hovering over people during their sets / rest
  • Standing or leaning on the dumbbells
  • Blocking someone’s view of the mirror (if possible)
  • Using equipment that isn’t free

How do you know if an equipment is being used?

If there’s a towel or someone’s belonging or weights are loaded on the equipment, then it’s most likely being used.

Assess by looking around, see if someone’s looking at you and ask if they are using it or physically point at it if they have headphones on.

If you can do the same exercise elsewhere or if you can substitute it with another exercise then do it.

You can always ask to work in with someone else but if it’s too much of an issue (too many weights to change or the person refuses), then you can almost always find another way to do the same exercise or at least another exercise for the same muscle. 

4. No one cares how you look

In the gym, everyone is just as self-conscious as you are. 

Even if they are physically fit, they will always be in their own heads wondering if other people are thinking about them.

Overweight people will be respected for their efforts, and for even showing up. 

Especially by people who look like they've been working out for a long time.

Very few people will judge and these people will judge everyone else around them, not just you. It’s alright, that’s their problem.

Haters are gonna hate.

5. Get Into The Zone

It’ll take practice but getting into the zone will make you much more determined and motivated to be the best version of yourself.

Put on headphones, play music that makes you feel amped up and wear clothes that make you feel good.

6. Talk to the Staff

Ask the staff to give you a tour of the gym.

It’s the best way to get familiar with the facilities.

If they can’t, then ask them how you can work a certain equipment or ask where you can do your stretching. 

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