7. Hacks and Tricks

Lesson 7

Enjoy The Process

Everyone has their starting point and it’s a point in their lives that they’ll remember forever.

No one is ashamed of their starting points and in fact, some people will brag about those times because of how far they’ve come.

Which is why you should….

Take Progress Pictures

You might not look good but you’ll regret not taking progress pictures.

You’ll remember how far you’ve come and you’ll remind yourself this fact when you have bad days.

Just Show Up

You’ve come this far and you should be proud of investing your time in the things that’ll bring out the best version of yourself.

Show up to the gym, walk through that door and you’ve done what most people fail to do.

You might not feel like you're going to have a great workout...

But you might end up breaking a personal record or performing better than ever. 

Watch Videos

Thanks to the internet, we have an archive of videos that we can watch.

Watch your favorite bodybuilders in action.

These videos will inspire, motivate and hype you up.

Write It Down

This goes in line with taking progress pictures.

Writing your workouts down will help you remember your starting point, evaluate what you’ve done and what you can do better.

You may have days or months where you don’t write anything down, which is fine.

Write down the highlights at the very least.


Invest in a decent pair of headphones and organize a playlist that’ll help you feel like a hero in the gym.

Some headphones will isolate background noise better than others, some are Bluetooth and some are bass heavy.

This guide will help you select your next pair.


Not every workout will be your best.

Every program has different phases that use different workout variables.

You might lift with moderate intensity for 4-6 weeks, then 2 weeks where you lift heavy with low reps and then a week where you take time to recover and deload before returning to full intensity / effort.

Doing this will prevent burnout and overtraining. 

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