4. Biggest Bodybuilding Myths 

Lesson 4

Like any big industry, bodybuilding and fitness has a wide range of common myths and misconception.

Curls For Arm Size

Curls alone won’t increase arm size.

Most of your mass will be gained from compound lifts and exercises.


It’s never too early or late to start exercise.

You can gain muscle and lose fat at any age.

Creatine is Dangerous

There’s not a single study that shows creatine is dangerous.

In fact, it’s one of the most studied supplement out there.

If you have medical conditions or prescriptions that do not allow you to take diuretics then you should avoid it.


Soreness isn’t an indicator of progress.

If you are lifting more, either in reps or weight, then you are progressing.


Sweating is not a sign of fat burning.

It’s your body's way of cooling itself down.

Fat is simply used inside your body and it doesn’t oxidize from sweat.


Whether you’re natural or enhanced, progress is made from hard work.

Steroids will speed up the process, but I don’t recommend them.

Most steroid users will tell you it’s better to do it naturally if you don’t compete. 


Genetics play a very small role in fitness.

No one is doomed from genetics unless they are suffering from a very rare genetic related disease and that is very rare.

If you blame genetics for your current state then you will remain the same.

Personal Trainers

No personal trainer knows it all.

They all have their own weaknesses and strengths.

When a trainer or a coach advises you on something, ask questions.

You’re allowed to ask why.

If they don’t know why, can’t explain in a simple enough way for you to understand, or their answer is vague and unhelpful, then you most likely should ask someone else or do your own research. 

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