Conqu3r Unleashed Pre Workout Review: Turning Men Into DemiGods Still?

By Nader Qudimat ·
Updated Dec 17, 2020

Review of: Conqu3r Unleashed

Purpose: Increase nitric oxide, energy / focus, and strength


Conqu3r excels in all departments, with a well balanced profile.


The combination of ingredients in each blend makes it a powerful pre.


Reasonably priced.


Not too hard to find.

We like

  • J. Regia, custom made stimulant and relatively new
  • Nitric oxide blend with 4 N.O. boosters that attack at all pathways
  • Includes choline and all the stims together will enhance focus and overall energy
  • Stim-free version includes a adaptogen blend 

We Don't Like

  • Only one size - 20 servings
  • Artificial flavor and coloring 

Summary: Conqu3r Unleashed is the superior version of DemiGod and we believe it is THE pre workout that not only combines true and tried ingredients, but new and advanced (like J. Regia and Nitrosigine)

Many pre workouts are try-once-and-move-on types, however we believe Conqu3r Unleashed is an incredible pre workout that will surely be one to try over and over again.

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Conqu3r Unleashed by Olympus Labs... Turning Men Into Gods. #conqu3runleashed

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Olympus Labs has done it again. 

With their original pre workout being plain Conqu3r, it was an epic pre workout that was super underrated, but as it would be with all 'underground' pwos.

Right off the bat, you'll notice it has 5 patent ingredients, and a brand-new looking stimulant 'J. Regia'. So it must be something worth trying right?

With all sorts of supplements (see top 10 pre workouts here) trying new ingredients, it's generally a hit or miss since they are either going to be super good (think DS Craze, DMAA etc.) then potentially banned, ​or it'll work as well as they say it would, or it would just be another shiny ingredient to brag about. 

But Olympus Labs seems to be making an Demigod-like impact in the industry with quality supplements that live up to the hype. ​So is it worth trying?

The real question is, would you be able to handle going back to another pre workout after trying this? The Demigod edition was great, but it did not have an epic profile as this one!

Older Line Up of Olympus Labs (2015)

Olympus has a solid reputation for supplements that live up to their claims. But does the hype live up with Unleashed?

So far, we know there's both a stim-free and a stimulant version. We're going to review the stimulant version first.

The amazing thing about the stim-free version is that it has a adaptogen blend which helps refresh and reset you for your potneitally painful caffeine withdrawals.

Funny thing is, most companies will just call it a day with a stim free version by just removing the stimulants. Not Olympus!​

Delicious looking...But who gives! Does it work?

Funny thing is, most companies will just call it a day with a stim free version by just removing the stimulants. Not Olympus!​

Conqu3r Unleashed Ingredients

At first glance, you'll notice fully disclosed ingredients with the exception of one proprietary blend and the fillers (NutraBio discloses their fillers).  

While the most popular pre workout seems to be HemaVO2 by iForce, this may actually be a fantastic contender as it has a mixture of nitric oxide inducing ingredients.(See our BCAA supplements guide)

With the original Conqu3r being fantastic for pumps, this has an even better profile that does all sorts of things like increase pumps, strength, focus and energy. (Looking for something super strong?)

Ever since Craze v1 went off the market, there hasn't been anything that could beat it, let alone replace it. Unleashed may not have that  "ETH-amphetamine"-like focus, but it may be the next best thing​. 

Best Prices For Conqu3r Unleashed:

This page is one you should stay up to date with as it may have deals.

Amazon has it available in all flavors, and their service is dependable.

Maximum Endurance Matrix

This blend consists of:

  • Creatinol-O-Phosphate (2g)
  • ElevATP (150mg)

The purpose of this blend is designed to boost muscular endurance so you can perform more reps, sets, and/or rest less. 

The blend looks simple but it's very unique as it's got a full 2 gram dose of COP (Creatinol-O-Phosphate) and 150mg of ElevATP. 

ElevATP is a patent ingredient that has been shown to boost overall body energy by increasing ATP production.  ​

Both ingredients will result in strength increases ​and overall energy.

Those veins... But that shirt is nice.

Creatinol-O-Phosphate (2g)

Though there isn't much research done on COP, most people report they experience significant increases in strength and endurance.

It's disappointing not seeing this more commonly in pre workouts, it's actually quite similar to Beta Alanine. COP, just like BA, keeps lactic acid from building up so the muscles can keep contracting long before they normally fail.

You'll notice a nice increase in endurance and strength when you're taking COP. Doses like 2g is more than generous, you should try it if you haven't yet. 

ElevATP® (150mg)

ElevATP® is an patent ingredient that helps increase overall energy and endurance, as mentioned above. But it's only recently been included in pre workouts so what gives?

Extracted from apple and ancient peat (fossilized plants), ElevATP has been shown to increase the bodys production of ATP and by doing so, it would have a number of benefits like increasing muscular endurance and overall energy.

While this ingredient seems to be relatively new in pre workouts, studies have proven it to be worthy of trying as ElevATP increases intracellular ATP in blood cells by using only 150mg. 

ElevATP Vs Peak ATP?

Both do similar things but ElevATP seems to be more new.

Also Peak ATP doesn't seem like it's picked up any popularity if any at all, it's been out for a good 10 years or so. ElevATP seems to be more intriguing though.​

Incredible Pump Matrix

This blend is where things get interesting, and swole-like! 

Check out what's included:​

  • L-Citrulline (4g)
  • HydroMax (Glycerol Powder) (2g)
  • Arginine Silicate Inositol (Nitrosigine) (1.5g)
  • Agmatine (1g)

@michael_a_lopez Seems to be enjoying the Unleashed pumps!

That's one heck of a pump blend... In fact, I felt pumped by just writing that list! 

You're not only getting nitric oxide boosting ingredients here, but also water/super hydration as well with HydroMax. All possible pathways are going to be attacked with these pump-inducing ingredients. In other words...You'll get swole!

L-Citrulline (150mg)

L-Citrulline does not only increase pumps, but it helps with endurance and recovery. This dosage is comparable to around 7 grams of citrulline malate. 

We all know arginine is inferior to citrulline as it isn't as bioavailable (Well, at least now you know). L-Citrulline it helps increase N.O. much better and efficiently than arginine.

It helps increase endurance by buffering lactic acid and ammonia that's built up in the muscles from exercising. By doing so, it'll help speed up the overall production of ATP and the amount of work you do. ​

HydroMax (2g)

Essitentialy, HydroMax is the high yeild version of glycerol monostearate. The concentration of regular glycerol monostearate is only 25%, while HydroMax is 63%! 

HydroMax increases the amount of water in muscle cells, so you'll look more "full" thanks to the "water based" pumps. That's not a bad thing, since you'll get super hydrated from the increased amount of water that your body can hold.

You won't get bloated or anything like that though, it actually makes veins pop out even more!

Nitrosigine (1.5g)

Looks legit... so far!

​Next up on the list is something that is a patented form of Arginine that's bonded with silicate. It's basically "super-arginine" as it helps increase the absorption of arginine.

You might be thinking "What? Arginine is shit!".

It is. When it's on its own. But think about the number of pre workouts that have arginine nitrate.

Nitrosigine is a mixture of arginine, inositol and potassium silicate.

This mixture is much more bioavailable than regular arginine. Some studies have shown that arginine silicate increases vasolidation 5 times more than arginine HCl. 

You won't just reap the benefits from workouts though.

If you use it continously, you'll have elevated nitric oxide levels for up to 2 weeks​! That sounds awesome to us. 

Agmatine (1g)

Last but not least, agmatine. It does not only increase nitric oxide levels but it also has some neuro support, it'll enhance mood and make you feel "uplifted". Nothing too euphoric though. 

Unlike the ingredients listed in this blend, agmatine stops nitric oxide from breaking down, instead of building it up.

So when it's combined with citrulline and Nitrosigine, you'll experience strong, long lasting pumps.

Think about attacking your nitric oxide levels at different angles, that's basically what's happening with this blend. .

Thoughts On The Nitric Oxide Blend

Citrulline will help elevate nitric oxide, HydroMax will super hydrate you for a more "fuller", more dense look, while NitroSigine will help keep N.O. levels elevated for a longer period of time and then to top it off, you've got agmatine to help stop N.O. breaking down and enhance focus / cognition function. ​

It's the ultimate blend for you to get swole from!

Immaculate Focus & Energy Matrix (650mg)

Here's where things get interesting...

This 650mg properitary blend contains

  • Caffeine (300mg)
  • Alpha GPC (AlphaSize)
  • J. Regia Extract
  • Higenamine 

So the original Conqu3r Demigod edition had only 2 stimulants but they've upgraded Unleashed to 4 with the fresh new stimulant being J. Regia. The non-stimulant version doesn't only remove the stimulants, but an adapotgen blend is included to help increase energy and focus without the stims ( See our guide for non-stimulant pre workouts).

It's no surprise that caffeine is included in this blend. It's dosed at 300mg so it's just at the sweet spot of what most users like to take. You could take half a serving (1 scoop) and you'll still get a fantastic workout.

Caffeine is an long-used stimulant to help increase overall performance, focus and mood. It helps maintain intensity during your workouts. ​

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC, an patented ingredient, is a high quality form of choline. If you're going for a choline ingredient, you should aim to get either this or Citicoline. 

What Alpha GPC does is simple but super effective. It's considered to be a learning neurotransmitter as it increases the production of acetylcholine. It's fantastic for focus and getting you in that "mind to muscle" zone that you should always aim for.

Not only is it an effective nootropic aid, but research has found it to help with increasing endurance, power output and growth hormone production. ​

J. Regia

The super star of this blend; J. Regia extract. 

Found in Southwest China and the Himalayas, Juglans Regia ​is the cool word for Persian walnuts or English walnuts. It's species to the walnut tree and from what research shows, it's benefical for diabetics, decreasing cholestrol and burning fat.

The J. Regia tree has been found to be full of psychoactive alkaloids. So it looks like Olympus has jumped in on this custom extract and included it in Unleashed.

Does it live up to the claims though? ​There's only one way to find out...Try it!


Higenmine might be the last stimulant but it surely isn't the weakest, especially when it's combined with caffeine as you can see here.

Higenmine stimulates the "fight or flight" response by increasing the production of noradrenaline​. While it is a mild stimulant on its own, combining it with caffeine increases focus and concentration like no other. 

Including this in the stimulant blend of Unleashed makes it an unstoppable​ force that'll have you so focused that your eyes will never leave the sight of the weights. 

I want it all.

Tunnel Focus & Energy

There's a nice syngetic effect that occurs when all 3 of these stimulants, and Alpha GPC are combined together.

Caffeine increases alertness and focus, Alpha GPC stimulates the production of alcychetone while Higenmine will enhance energy and concentration and J. Regia puts you in the super-laser like focus. 

Obviosuly this blend is well thought out. Most pre workouts will just have a long lsit of stimulants, here we have a very simple but effective blend that will result in some powerful energy and Jedi-like focus.

The focus won't be like Craze (or amphetamines for that matter) but the focus is great enough to make Conqu3r Unleashed a great DMAA alternative. ​

Maximum Absorption Matrix

BioPerine is super popular, it's common and can be found in nearly every pre workout. It enhances absorption and helps put all the ingredients in Unleashed into action. 

BioPerine is like the scope to a rifle, it helps nutrients get to it's target. It's nice to have as it ensures that every ingredient is being absorbed at it's maximum ​

Flavors Available

Krushed Kandy

Lemon Rox

Maniacal Mango

Strawngberry Kiwi

Flavors is really the least important part of any pre workout. But it seems to be super important, that supplement companies are willing to put all kinds of artifical flavoring, coloring and crap inside. 

That doesn't seem to be the case with Conqu3r Unleashed. It only has 3 fillers and that includes sucralose, N&A flavors (natural and artifical), and synthetic coloring. ​

There's 2.70 grams of fillers per serving (14 grams) which isn't bad at all. Most pre workouts will have much more (making up to 30% of each serving). 

Unleashed Has Taken Over

So after going into detail about the ingredients and profile of Unleashed, I've come to one conclusion...

Conqu3r Unleashed is a must try. 

Every ingredient plays a special role, and like any blend should be, they all work together for an epic synergistic effect. The pumps (See the nitric oxide guide), energy, focus and strength are going to go way up there with every serving of Conqu3r Unleashed. It's definitely one to try if you haven't yet.

But you may want to know that if you try this... you may not switch to any other pre workout. 

Feeling Like Getting Unleashed?

Overall Rating: 

A superb pre workout with epic ingredients, Conqu3r Unleashed is not one to be skipped. Forget the other pre's, this is one to try. Find out more here.

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