How to Force Your Chest Muscles to Grow

By Nader Qudimat / Aug 31, 2014

The Secrets to Huge Pecs

The secrets to huge pecs

There is absolutely nothing more impressive than the look of a powerfully sculpted chest.

It is one of the most noticeable muscles but yet terribly misunderstood.

This may be a part of the long list of secrets for bigger pecs; endless sets and mindless pressing will never result in huge pecs for anyone!

If you want to look good and become something of a powerful beast, then what I'm about to explain is amazingly important for your success.

Countless magazines are providing workouts for the chest like never before.

But yet the concept is always similar.

Hit this many sets, this many reps, with these exercises, and you'll see gains like never before…

Well yes you will see gains, but only because you're doing something your body has not adapted to yet.

Everything works until it doesn't.

You want the most out of your workout but you don't want to make this mistake that is so common. I kept focusing on what was visible on the gym mirror, this lead to imbalances in my back muscles and in other places.

My mistakes will be your lessons, and it'll take a another post to go over them.

You and I both know there are millions of workouts for the chest.

But notThe secrets to huge pecshing is written in stone.

Everyday there's a new workout but the rules for bigger pecs has never changed.

You may not hear these secrets because well, it would be too easy for anyone to get huge pecs!

Start looking past the generic stuff. The chest is like any other muscle, it needs effort to grow them.

It needs sweat, a bit of time, and a lot of blood! (not literally).

But don't worry.

You won't have to worry about the common shoulder injuries that come with bench pressing if you learn how to prevent them.

Dummbells vs Barbells

Some say barbells are better because you can load more weight.

Others say the dumbbells are better because they are more challenging and they even out the weight on both hands, unlike the barbell.

The secrets to huge pecs won't need anything special but I highly recommend using the dumbbells for best results.

That being said, experimenting with different exercises to get the feel out of them will be the best route for anyone.

You should focus on these exercises for chest development:

A press movement (bench pressing)
And a tree hugging movement (chest flies)

The majority of your chest routine should include free weights. This means the machines can be used but only as a compliment as what sugar would be to tea: to sweeten up the gains.

Your muscle gains will start and finish with your mind.

If you're not seeing the chest that you want, you will limit your success. Watch videos, see how a powerfully sculpted chest looks like. Your mind will unleash powers that you didn't know you had before.

Sooner or later, you'll be using these secrets to get a powerfully huge set of pecs!





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