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The Hardgainer’s Guide To Building Muscle And Strength (With 20 Training Rules)

You’ve heard the story before…”I’ve tried everything. I can’t put on any weight to save my own life!”.And you’ve probably heard the same speech…”I started out at 120lbs and have gained 50lbs of pure hard mass”.You’re frustrated, trust me, I get it.And I really was less than 120lbs when I first started.I’ll tell you I […]

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How to Do Pull Ups (Even If You Can’t Do It) — The Ultimate Guide

Pull Ups: How to, progression and advancing    The impression the people get when they think of fitness and gyms, they imagine gym rats doing countless bicep exercises and checking themselves out in the reflections of the mirrors. Nothing could be more accurate.  I have only seen a few people perform pull ups or any […]

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