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Zero Carb IsoPure Review: Purely Made Of Protein Or Just Hype?

Review of: Zero Carb IsoPure Purpose: Protein powder with zero carbs Effectiveness High amounts of protein with added BCAA’s and glutamine calls for extra recovery and growth. Ingredients No preservatives (like aspartame) and fully loaded with vitamins and protein. Price Fairly priced, $1 per serving (25g of protein) Availability Super easy to find. We like […]

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The 10 Best Supplements For Muscle Gains (Fastest Results And Instant Difference For Your Physique And Training)

The 10 Best Supplements For Muscle Gains (Fastest Results And Instant Difference For Your Physique And Training)  10 best supplements that’ll make the biggest difference in your training and physique. Click to Tweet ​Supplements are designed and made to give us the edge but you’ll still have to train hard and eat clean.(Looking for a […]

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Jack’d Up Pre Workout: Best DMAA-Based Version Of Jack3d?

Review of: Jack’d Purpose: Energy and tunnel-like focus, a tiny bit of pumps.  Effectiveness Strong energy and focus, though it’s not so much great for pumps. Ingredients Main highlight is the nitrates and DMAA but nitrates is not disclosed. Price Unlike Jack3d, it’s not priced at $100. This is much cheaper. Availability It’s not hard to find […]

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APS Mesomorph DMAA: 1,3 Powered Pre Workout With Creatine Nitrate And More (Strongest Pwo So Far!)

​Mesomorph Ultimate Preworkout Complex​Promote tunnel-focus and energy, great for pumps Nitrate filled pumps, I’d like some of that! ​DMAA has once again been removed from this amazing pre workout but APS Nutrition and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has created yet another amazing formula that is possibly even stronger than the DMAA version.It is packed with 3.2g beta […]

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Rich Piana’s 51 50: 5% Of Lifters Can Handle This 12 Stimulant Jammed Pre Workout

  Review of: 51 / 50 Purpose: Promote insane energy, super focus and moderate pumps Effectiveness Crack-like energy might be the right term for this.  Ingredients Does what it says but it’s super loaded with stimulants. Price It’s a little expensive. Availability Available at some major retailers.  We Like New stimulant “Halostachin” Mix of stimulants for fast and […]

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Conqu3r Unleashed Pre Workout Review: Turning Men Into DemiGods Still?

Review of: Conqu3r Unleashed Purpose: Increase nitric oxide, energy / focus, and strength Effectiveness Conqu3r excels in all departments, with a well balanced profile. Ingredients The combination of ingredients in each blend makes it a powerful pre. Price Reasonably priced. Availability Not too hard to find. We likeJ. Regia, custom made stimulant and relatively newNitric oxide […]

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Assault Black: Is it Legit Or The Next Best Pre From MP?

Review of: Assault Black Purpose: Increase strength, muscle and overall energy. Effectiveness Decent ingredients for energy and pumps.  Ingredients Mostly underdosed but has one unique ingredient (ElevATP) Price Totally overpriced.  Availability Recently released (2015) but should be available everywhere. We LikeNew ingredient; ElevATPA touch of BCAA’s is niceEnough agmatine for pumpsDecent ingredients energy and focusDisclosed ingredients […]

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Animal Mass: Is The Weight Gainer Solution Finally Here?

Review of: Animal Mass Purpose: Mass gainer, packed with “clean” calories and macros for bulking up Effectiveness ​Pure and simple, this is a weight gainer. Nothing more and nothing less. Ingredients Variety of slow and fast protein / carbohydrates. Contains healthy fats and digestive enzymes. Price Very reasonable. You get high quality macros and “clean” calories without […]

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Gaspari SP250 Review: Legit or Another Superdump?

Review of: SP250 Purpose: Increase pump, energy and euphoria  Effectiveness You will experience good pumps, euphoria and a lot of energy.  Ingredients Some new ingredients but mostly proprietary blends Price Not cheap but reasonable Availability Still brand new but relatively easy to find We like New ingredients, specifically “Eria Jarensis Extract” The nitric oxide ‘solution’; S-(2-boronoethyl)-L-cysteineThe […]

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