Top 10 Workout Best Headphones For Lifting – 2021 Buying Guide (Bluetooth, Wired, On-Ear and More)

“Do you even lift bro?”

We don’t want to hear that during our workouts.

If we’re going to use headphones for the gym, they better isolate noise so it’s just you vs the cold iron weights.

Music is what saves us from the distractions.

It helps us reach that level of complete zen-like focus we need in the gym.

When good beats are combined with exercise, it brings us more motivation and energy than ever before.

With the right tunes you’ve got yourself the most exciting time of your day…

Your workout.

But nothing is worse than headphones falling out of our ears, or just plain old crappy headphones that don’t do isolate much background noise.

Imagine you’re about to do an intense set but your headphones slip out of your ears or your MP3 player (most likely your phone) falls out out of your pocket.

That wouldn’t happen with wireless headphones.