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Building Your Foundation For Success – A Hardgainers Guide

By Nader Qudimat / Aug 9, 2014

You don't want to make the same mistakes that most beginners make.

The long hours, workouts and hard training can just be overwhelming. It's just as easy to fail a program as it is to join one. Failure is key, but not when you completely give up..

What's your purpose?

My Journey for Poow

When you go to the dentist, you know you're getting your teeth fixed. When you head off to exams at school, you know you're there to write the exams. If you weren't going to get your teeth fixed or those exams passed, you probably wouldn't bother going.

Finding your purpose will give you the fuel to your fire. It will push you past your limits, make you jump out of your comfort zone and give you a sense of pleasure when you achieve what you thought you could never reach before.


Let it be medical, emotional or just a change of lifestyle. Whatever it is, write it down.

Keep it somewhere you would constantly be reminded of it. Write it on paper like a sticky note and place it on your mirror in your bathroom, picture it so you have it on your phone, and brag about it to your friends.

Convince yourself that you're already this purpose.


Keeping the “why” to your fitness program, you will be clear with why you're exercising. While fitness will help you feel better inside and out, it will also teach you discipline and patience as you work towards your goals.


Make SMALL changes:


The bigger change you make, the more likely you'll revert back to your old changes. Being enthusiastic about a 7 day program is nothing short of excellent but when you are just getting started, it's best to start slow.


We're wired to be lazy and retreat to our comfort zone.

We love comfort.

The habits we develop are the cause of why and what we do on a regular basis. Changing those habits requires commitment and motivation. It doesn't just happen overnight.


The mind and body must be reprogrammed to the sudden changes you're making. It takes consistency and patience to fully make a habit out of exercise and healthy living. It doesn't just end there.


Keeping those changes requires discipline.

This discipline will always improve and it will sometimes fluctuate. You may restrict yourself for a few hours or even a few days from eating ‘junk' food but eventually your discipline will lose grip of itself and you may even make choices that are even worse than before to “reward” yourself.


Make those small changes.

Commit to short workouts that only occur once every few days. The small changes will eventually add up and it will completely change your lifestyle. The first step is reprogramming yourself into the habit of exercising and healthy eating.


Example: Today you may drink one extra glass of water instead of that usual soda. Next week you might cut your soda intake by half or even more. By the end of the month, your cravings for that drink will completely disappear.




The gym is incredibly intimidating for someone who is new to the whole concept. Left and right you will find mixed genders lifting weights that you have probably never lifted before. Grunts, noises, appearances, everything is just adding onto the stress.

Whether you are working out at the gym, or at home, you will need to know that no one was born fit. EVERYONE starts from square one. Yes even me.


When I first start exercising, I could barely bicep curl 20 pounds. And now I can lift 130 for repetitions.

It's that progress that has built into me since I started.

I reprogrammed my body in the beginning and throughout the years I've made the absolute upgrades for the better of my physique.


Reprogramming your body and mind to exercise doesn't happen overnight.

If it did happen overnight, you wouldn't see those gym rats in the gym every single week. No one would need to go to the gym if it only took a few days to make progress. It takes months.


You will realize that fitness is NOT a 90 day program.

It is NOT 4 weeks to 40 pounds of muscle mass. Even with steroids and drug enhancements, you will not see progress that fast. It's a lifelong process. People who tell you otherwise are either trying to make you feel bad or they want you to stay the way you are.


Progress happens step by step.

This week you might walk for 10 minutes at a fast pace, next week you might walk for the same amount of time but for 1 to 5% more of the distance. That's progress. Expect to make those small steps in order to get to the top.


You might make yourself a program that lasts for 4 weeks.

Record down the progress of each workout and compare it with the week before.

The common thing to happen for a beginner is that they will gain a huge amount of weight over the course of a few months and suddenly their progress halts. They've been given the “best” program and yet a brick wall has been hit in their training.


Guess what?

There is no best program.

Every program will seem to work for a short period of time.

The changes of exercises and such factors will be the key to constant progress. For now, you just need to program your self into going to the gym consistently.

Make sure you record your progress.




Before I really knew anything about fitness, I would go to bed every night and I would imagine having a physique that was so ripped and jacked that I could just take off and fly at any moment. I wanted to be a super hero.


My purpose was always visualized.

I knew what I wanted and I saw it. I felt it with excitement. The emotions that I had for what I imagined was strongly reinforced with my visualization. Without visualizing, I would probably be half of what I am today.

 I made this into a habit. It was almost effortlessly done in my mind to just keep seeing what I wanted to see. All day, everyday I would be excited with this imagery because I knew I was going to have it. I knew it was going to come true. And I still do.


Arnold Schwarzenegger always said he would be doing his bicep curls and he would imagine them becoming mountain tops. He would do this for every repetition and he would not let the image go.


If you can't visualize what you're after, you're less likely to be committed to it. Imagine looking great and feeling it too. Imagine the mirror reflecting your fit body. Don't become like anyone you know, become the best that you can be. Become better than what you were yesterday or last year. Believe it and make it happen. Don't let that image go.


Do whatever you can.

Get quotes from your favorite role models, grab images of inspirational physiques, watch videos of motivational stories.

Even better, get a board together and gather around all the motivational imagery that you can find and stick it on this board.

Motivational things like this will reinforce what you are after. Your beliefs will be developed and built into you like never before.


If you are serious, then get serious!


Final take home message:


Small changes over a long period of time will make a huge difference in your lifestyle.
Find why you are going to the gym.

Build this purpose into you and use it to your advantage.
Watch your progress and don't expect to be superman right away.

Everyone starts from step one.

Visualize your success, believe in it. Reinforce this with vision boards, quotes, pictures, videos, everything that you can find and put it somewhere you would always look at.
Expect to fail.

What you do today will matter, but what you did yesterday will not. Every step you take is a step towards success. Even if you fall, you need to get back up and come back stronger than ever.



“I am NOT a master of the world, I am however the master of MY world.”



Nader Qudimat
Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulk smashes it into this puny site.

Being an ex-hardgainer, he has no choice but to keep training until he has surpassed in every way imaginable.

You can follow Nader on Twitter (@DieselFitt).

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